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    Electric Mountain Bikes
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    Electric Mountain Bikes

    At Leisure Lakes Bikes we have a wide selection of electric mountain bikes for both men and women riders alike; all of our electric bikes feature pedal assist you'll be able to go further and tackle larger hills like never before. Whether you struggle with fitness during a longer ride or you're looking for a boost in confidence to get into mountain biking, an electric bike is the perfect choice for you. We stock electric bikes from all the top brands, including Cube, Haibike, Specialized and many more, all featuring top quality motor systems at great value for money

    Haibike Electric Mountain Bikes

    We offer an extensive range of Haibike electric mountain bikes here at Leisure Lakes Bikes, their high quality builds come in at incredible value for money, making for the perfect entry level electric mountain bike. Haibike mountain bikes are available with both Bosch & Yamaha motor systems, their reliable, high power designs guarantee to transform the way you ride. Covering a wide variety of disciplines there's a Haibike for everyone, from electric fat bikes to light-weight electric trail bikes.

    Cube Electric Mountain Bikes

    We stock a variety of Cube electric mountain bikes, are not all too different from their traditional cube mountain bike counterparts, with a few key changes made to the frame you'll still experience the same high quality ride but with an extra boost of power when you really need it. Cube electric bikes are a whole lot of fun out on the trails, maintaining a stable and responsive ride quality throughout thanks to their natural riding position.
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