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    Hydration Packs
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    Hydration Packs

    Hydration systems are one of the most useful bike accessories around. It will keep you hydrated on long rides and carry the essentials like energy gels and layers. With our range of Camelbak, Osprey and Evoc hydration packs you will be spoilt for choice.

    Camelbak Hydration Packs

    Camelbak hydration packs are world famous for their excellent quality, durability and design that integrates their Antitdote reservoir seamlessly into the rear of their hydration packs. Not only that all Camelbak bags keep weight low and as close to your back as possible whilst maximising stability and cargo space! 

    Can't decide which hydration pack is right for you?

    Each litre of hydration is normally equivalent to the amount of hours you will be riding e.g. if you go on a 2 hour ride a good hydration pack capacity would be 2-3ltr. Next is the amount of pockets/compartments you want whilst you are riding; some come with a helmet holder, loads of room for layers and some come with the basic pockets for bars, gels and essential tools.