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    Ladies Road Shoes

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    Ladies Road Shoes

    These ladies road bike shoes have been designed to improve your pedalling efficiency whilst ensuring you're as comfortable as you can be. Road bike shoes tend to be constructed from high-quality materials to maximise comfort and breathability, and they have extremely stiff soles, usually constructed from carbon fibre or reinforced fibre glass. These exceptionally stiff soles ensure every bit of energy you put into your pedals goes directly to the road.

    Clip-In Shoes v Flat Shoes

    Virtually all road cycling shoes are clip-in, there's no two ways about it... they're just better at doing the job than flat shoes. Serious road riders need clip-in shoes to maximise pedalling efficiency. As you're clipped into the pedals you can input energy during the upward motion of the pedal stroke. This means for every turn of the pedals you'll be putting in more energy so you can accelerate quicker and ride faster. If you're opting for a pair of clip in cycling shoes, you'll need a pair of clip-in road pedals, as virtually all road shoes and pedals use the same three-bolt system.

    Just because the best option for road riders is a clip-in system, doesn't mean that you have to use it. If you're not a serious road rider, a pair of flat shoes will be perfect for casual riders who own a commuter bike. Flat shoes aren't just used for mountain biking, you can use them if you're just nipping to the shops as it's virtually impossible to walk in clip-in shoes, however if you'd prefer flat shoes you must be riding with flat pedals on your bike.

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