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    Ladies Saddles

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    Ladies Saddles

    These ladies bike saddles have been specifically designed to alleviate aches, pains and discomfort caused while riding. If you've experienced any discomfort while riding, a women's specific saddle could be the solution as they have a wider profile to accommodate female's wider pelvis. Some ladies saddles also have a special relief area or a cut-out to maximise comfort while riding.

    Ladies Bike Saddle

    If you're experiencing discomfort while riding, it may not be solely down to the saddle you're sitting on, however it's important you do get the right saddle. You need to ensure the bike saddle fits your bone proportion and riding styles, but if you're just experiencing chafing, you may need a saddle with a narrower nose. The right type of saddle is important too... a road saddle will be uncomfortable on a mountain bike and vice versa.

    The best way to get the perfect saddle is to try a few out, then you'll be able to tell if you need a curved, flat, wide or thin saddle. Also try and measure the width of your sit-bones as this will help you find the perfect saddle width. Last but not least make sure your handlebars are at the right position and your bicycle saddle is at the correct height, as sometimes you may be uncomfortable due to your riding position.

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