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    Ladies Jackets
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    Ladies Jackets

    When the weather takes a turn for the worst, a ladies cycling jacket will keep you protected from the elements. These cycle jackets have been specifically designed for women and will perfectly fit your body shape. Whether you're looking for something to keep you warm throughout winter, or you need something to protect you from the worst weather conditions imaginable, we stock loads of jackets from big name brands including Endura, Specialized, Altura, Castelli and loads more!

    Waterproof Cycling Jackets

    If you're going to be riding in the rain, these ladies waterproof cycling jackets are a necessity if you want to stay dry. They will keep you and your clothing dry and some may have waterproof pockets to protect your valuables. You might not think it, but waterproof cycling jackets are highly breathable... so they will keep the water out and help you cool down with great breathability. Some waterproof jackets have sealed seams to prevent any water from leaking in for 100% dryness.

    Windproof Cycling Jacket

    A ladies windproof cycling jacket is perfect for keeping the wind out on cold, blustery days in the saddle. These jackets will prevent windchill and keep you warm when you're out riding. Some windproof cycling jackets may be water resistant too, so they will keep you protected from the rain if you get caught in a shower.

    All ladies cycling jackets have been designed to suit your body shape and will ensure maximum comfort throughout your ride.

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