Since their inception in 2001, MONDRAKER has been committed to crafting ground-breaking mountain bikes and pushing boundaries.

Quality, innovation & performance are ingrained in their DNA, and the all-new DUNE is a prime example of this. In their own words, the Dune is “the last word in Mondraker’s light e-bike range.”

If you can’t decide between a modern enduro bike and a full-power e-bike… now you don’t have to.

The foundation of the all-new Dune is its Stealth Air Carbon frame, weighing in at just 2.650 grams, combined with the power and light weight of Bosch’s latest offering, the Performance SX.

The frame showcases Mondrakers revolutionary Updated Zero Suspension and offers 165mm of rear-wheel travel, and Forward Geometry specifically tuned for this long-travel hard-hitting light e-MTB!

“DUNE is the last word in Mondraker’s light e-Bike range.

Taking after the NEAT in some key aspects such as lightness and agility, it takes a different path by offering power and performance similar to longer travel, burlier bikes like the SUPERFOXY and LEVEL.

DUNE is the black sheep of the family, naughty and nice at the same time, the super enduro of light e-Bikes.”


Dune XR

The hard-hitting Dune XR boasts a 180mm Öhlins RXF fork & coil shock, X0 Eagle AXS transmission with T-Type rear mech and the powerful Bosch Performance Line SX Motor.

Weighing in at under 20kg, it’s the waking dream of anyone who needs the performance of a modern enduro bike and all the advantages of a full-power electric bike.



Dune R

Discover the ultimate synergy between Dune and the latest Bosch Performance Line SX motor.

With 55Nm of torque and 600W of peak power packed into a sleeker, lighter design, this motor is the perfect partner for Dune.



The Frame

The all-new Dune’s frame is an upgrade of the design adopted by the Neat, with striking angular lines when seen from the side.

It’s layered up from top-of-the-range Stealth Air Carbon, Mondraker’s most advanced carbon fibre fabrication process, and weighs just a meagre 2.650 grams.

Could Dune be for you?

Could a Mondraker Dune be your perfect blend of enduro handling & e-bike performance? Direct from Mondraker, here’s how you’ll know if Dune is for you:

You’re looking for a supremely versatile e-Bike with good overall performance.

You already have a full-fat long travel e-Bike and want something lighter without sacrificing range or performance at high speed.

You already have a full-fat trail / enduro ebike and you’re looking for something harder-hitting and lighter at the same time.

You’re an enthusiastic non-ebike enduro rider who wants to try the evolution of the discipline.

You’re looking for the most up-to-date light-eMTB on the market with a stand-out aesthetic, the extra power and assistance provided by Bosch’s latest offering and top-class suspension and geometry.

Dune is available to order now online & in select Leisure Lakes Bikes Stores!