Orbea has created a new benchmark in lightweight electric mountain bikes with their all-new Rise.

Now more capable, more powerful and with more battery… but just as lightweight as before.



Back in 2020, Orbea launched the original Rise. They didn’t invent the lightweight e-MTB category, but they did introduce a genre-definer that changed the perception of what these bikes were capable of.

Rise may have given Orbea a headstart in the lightweight e-MTB category, but they didn’t stop there.


Even as they launched the first Rise, they were already working on the future.

Orbea built a dedicated team of electronic engineers who pushed batteries and communications to the limit while the mechanical design team were working on frames and testing with their OOlab team.

The result? The best just got better.

What’s New?


Performance First:
The Most Connected Ride

Rise rewrites the rulebook on e-bike handling.

Tuned Rigidity: Bikes can be too stiff, or too flexible. Orbea has worked hard to increase front triangle stiffness by 8% and rear triangle stiffness by 14% giving the perfect balance.

Asymmetric Design: Rise’s new asymmetric frame design is key to finding the perfect structural performance.

It delivers confident handling no matter what the trail.

Long Travel Droppers: Steep’n’deep has set a new standard in bike design, the ability to fit a long travel dropper lets riders drop the saddle right out of the way on the descents.

RS Power:
More Fun, More Of The Time

Rider Synergy (RS) has always been the heart of Rise.

Orbea’s custom firmware works with the Shimano EP8 motor to provide natural feeling assistance and unmatched battery range for your most epic rides.

Rise comes with two pre-configured modes: RS mode for a maximum of 54 Nm of torque, for natural & elastic assistance. Alternatively, RS+ mode takes advantage of the full 85 Nm of torque for more power when you’re are pushing harder.


RS Range: Don’t Accept The Limits

Forget about range anxiety.

The natural RS Gen2 assistance works with you to involve you in the ride, providing power where it is needed and conserving battery life elsewhere.

16% More Riding In Every Gram: This latest generation of batteries offers more power without adding any additional weight.

A Battery For Every Ride / A Rise For Every Rider

Rise is available in different battery sizes and with the option of a Range Extender. View the breakdown directly from Orbea below:

420Wh Battery; For The Lightest Ride. Riders looking for the best handling and lightest Rise will choose the 420Wh and will use the new Range Extender for the longest weekend adventures.

630Wh Battery; For Maximum Range: Riders looking for the longest range can choose the 630Wh battery. Of course, since rider weight has a big effect on range, heavier riders can choose the 630Wh option.

210Wh Range Extender; Easy to add range for the most epic rides. Smaller than a water bottle and weighing just 1.1kg.

We all have a different vision of the trail and Orbea has created two distinctive versions of the Rise to choose from, here’s the main differences between the Rise LT & Rise SL:

Rise LT is the bike for trail shredders, with a 160mm Fox 36 fork aired with 150mm of supple, progressive travel. The aggressive trail geometry is modern giving the bike confident but fun handling on the most technical trails.

Orbea increased the progressivity of the suspension curve to 23% which gives a great balance for a trail bike and also works well with either air or coil shocks.

On the other hand, Rise SL will appeal to trail riders who prefer flower trails.

With a carbon shock extender to change the suspension kinematics, Rise SL offers 140mm of rear travel, tuned with a bit more anti-squat to give even better pedaling efficiency, matched to a 40mm Fox 34 fork.

Which Model?


Rise LT M-Team
From £9,999.00

Shop 420Wh // Shop 630Wh


Rise LT M10
From £7,599.00

Shop 420Wh // Shop 630Wh

From £10,999.00

Shop 420Wh // Shop 630Wh


Rise SL M10
From £7,199.00

Shop 420Wh // Shop 630Wh


Could the all-new Orbea Rise be your perfect lightweight e-MTB?

Rise is available to order now online & in select Leisure Lakes Bikes Stores!