One of the world’s largest and most recognizable bike brands, Specialized has been making its mark on the biking industry since 1974.

Launching their first Stumpjumper in ’81 (the same year Leisure Lakes Bikes was founded), they’ve been with Mountain Biking since its inception, always staying true to their original decree; “Made for riders, by riders.”

Today, Specialized manufacture various components, accessories and bicycles to suit all riders, styles and disciplines. Here we want to focus on that crucial bit of gear every biker can’t be without; the helmet.

Specialized have an array of lids with a focus on comfort, ventilation and class-leading safety. Check out our rundown to find out which Specialized Helmet is right for you!

What to consider?


It’s always good if your helmet looks great and matches your own style and aesthetic, but at the end of the day, a helmet is there primarily to keep us protected in the event of a crash. That’s why all our featured Specialized helmets feature integrated MIPS protection.

The MIPS system is a low-friction layer that allows a sliding motion of 10mm to 15mm in all directions. Studies have indicated that this reduces the damaging rotational forces transmitted to the brain during angled impacts.


From long days on the trails to the daily commute, we get a lot of use out of our helmets. It’s now more important than ever that your helmet fits properly and is built for all-day comfort.

Many Specialized helmets feature an Integrated Fit System to dial in that perfect fit, as well as ample padding, making all the difference after long hours in the saddle.


From the Gambit’s Computational Fluid Dynamic design to the Camber’s 4th Dimension Cooling System, Specialized take ventilation seriously.

Keeping a cool head makes every ride feel that much more fulfilling. Strategic air channelling for optimal airflow makes all the difference to our focus & comfort.


Make every ride a joyride with the Camber.

With a five-star Virginia Tech rating and MIPS technology, the Camber brings a shed load of trickled-down features from Specialized’s most advanced helmets. Now made available at a very welcoming price point.

An innovative 4th Dimension Cooling System optimizes ventilation where you need it most, keeping things breezy when your ride heats up.

The Camber covers all bases with its impressive range of sizes; XS to XL suits everyone from kids to large-domed adults.

Specialized Camber – RRP £70.00 £45.00
Available in: Oak Green // White Dune/Purple Orchid // White Sage/Deep Lake // Redwood/Garnet Red // Smoke // Black // White

Tactic 4

Clip on confidence with Tactic 4.

An unprecedented combination of fit, ventilation and protection that’s made for all-out trail and enduro riding. The Tactic helmet delivers exceptional coverage and seamless integration with your chosen glasses & goggles.

This lid boasts a sleek design and an adjustable SBC Integrated Fit System to look good and fit more heads! Safety is also paramount with Tactic 4, a reigning champion that still holds the absolute #1 Five Star Ranking on Virginia Tech’s Site.

Specialized Tactic 4 – RRP £100 £74.99
Available in: Oak Green // White // Doppio // Dove Grey // Black // Cast Blue

Ambush 2

Experience next-gen trail riding with Ambush 2.

Channel ample ventilation through modern styling, with a superb fit and dialled eyewear integration.

An innovative Computational Fluid Dynamic design creates optimal airflow throughout the helmet, drawing heat away from the head. 4D brow cooling, which provides a slight gap between the helmet and forehead, draws airflow into internal air channels at every speed.

Specialized Ambush 2 – RRP £150.00 £124.99
Available in: Deep Marine // Wild Dove // White Sage // Black // White // Red


Redefine your Comfort Zone with Gambit.

The goal with this lid was to create a DH-certified full-face with all the ventilation and cosy fit of a half shell.

Specialized took a fully integrated approach with the Gambit, and this engineering resulted in a truly breakthrough level of performance.

Gambit combines a lightweight carbon fibre shell, structurally specific polycarbonate backing and five optimized pieces of targeted density foam. This culminates in a lightweight, hard-hitting full-face lid, giving you the confidence to push every ride to the next level.

Specialized Gambit – RRP £295.00 £249.99
Available in: Black // White Sage // Oak Green // Dove Grey/Maroon

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