Oakley was founded in 1975 by James Jannard, first operating out of his garage with an initial investment of $300. Their first products were what he called ‘The Oakley Grip’, sold out of the back of his car at motocross events.

Now Oakley is a multinational company, widely known for their stylish, performance sunglasses. But here we want to focus on their latest range of helmets, from the rugged DRT5 Maven to the sleek ARO5 Race, Oakley has managed to represent a wide range of riding styles & disciplines.

Here’s why Oakley’s latest lids are more than meets the eye…


All models feature an ICE variant, featuring TwICEme® technology. 

TwICEme® uses NFC Tech to store and share personal information in case of an emergency.

Simply tap your smartphone on the TwICEme® symbol to access critical personal info when you need it most, giving you peace of mind on every ride.

Oakley Helmets | The Range

Engineered and designed for riders who are growing their passion for mountain biking or road riding, these Oakley lids will give you the confidence to explore new terrains, test your limits and take your ride to the next level.

DRT5 Maven

The newest iteration of DRT5 has been engineered to give you the performance and comfort you need to charge hard on the trails.

Redesigned from the ground up, DRT5 Maven offers protective coverage, more ventilation, a fully adjustable fit, and an all-new shell for a low-profile look.

DRT5 Maven – RRP £170.00
Available in: Matte Black/Matte Hunter Green // White // Matte Poseidon Blue // Matte Cool Grey/Matte Lilac // Matte Black

DRT 5 Maven ICE – RRP £195.00
Available in: Matte Black/Matte Reflective

DRT3 Trail

Get the confidence to explore new trails, expand your skills and push your boundaries with the DRT3 Trail

An affordable lid that still offers top-tier performance. The DRT3 boasts excellent ventilation, great eyewear storage backed by Unobtainium® grippers and an integrated Mips® Safety System for that all-important extra protection.

An adjustable visor features four points of adjustability, enabling the perfect fit for style and function while allowing riders to easily switch between wearing or storing eyewear.

DRT3 Trail – RRP £110.00
Available in: Helmet Matte Redline // Poseidon Blue/Satin Black // Matte White/Satin Black // Matte Cool Grey/Matte Lilac // Matte Black/Satin Black // Hunter Green/Satin Black

DRT3 Trail ICE – RRP £136.00
Available in: Matte Black/Reflective

ARO5 Race

Designed for absolute peak performance and maximum breathability on the road.

With results in mind, ARO5 Race features an aerodynamic and ventilated design that significantly increases airflow throughout 19 ventilation ports.

Lighter than its predecessor, ARO5, ARO5 Race provides the advantage needed to overtake the pack.

ARO5 Race – RRP £170.00
Available in: Matte Black // Poseidon // Polished Whiteout // Franktel/Retina Burn

ARO5 Race ICE – RRP £195.00
Available in: Black Reflective

ARO3 Endurance

The ARO3 Endurance is the perfect roadie companion, getting you where you need to go with safety & style.

A versatile helmet for the everyday road cyclist. Whether commuting to work on a busy street or enjoying a weekend ride along scenic roads,

Boasting a list of premium features, such as an Oakley®-designed 360° Fit System, the Ionic+™ Antimicrobial liner and Mips® protection.

ARO3 Endurance – RRP £110.00
Available in: Polished/Matte Black/Reflective // Polished/Matte White/Reflective // Matte Poseidon/Navy // Matte Light Grey // Curry/Red/Bronze Colourshift

ARO3 Endurance ICE – RRP £136.00
Available in: White Reflective

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