Electric Scooters are at the forefront of the new micromobility trend, providing similar advantages to Electric Bikes. This up-and-coming mode of transport provides an alternative form of travel that’s fast, fun and safe. There are several factors to consider when choosing your Electric Scooter including speed, style and price. Use our Electric Scooter Buyers Guide to make an informed choice on which model is perfect for you!


At the time of writing, Electric Scooters cannot be used on public roads in the UK, they are only permitted for use on private property with appropriate protection.

When operating an Electric Scooter on private property permission of the landowner is always required and children must always be supervised. Revision of the legislation surrounding Electric Scooters is planned for the future, with many expecting similar rules to other parts of Europe.

Renting of Electric Scooters has been allowed in certain parts of the UK, but using a hired e-scooter outside any trial area or using a privately-owned scooter on public roads, cycle lanes or pavements can result in fixed-penalty notices or points on your driving licence. 

E-Scooters are currently legal for road use in the USA, France, Germany, Israel and Singapore. Many enthusiasts are pushing for the same to happen in the UK. Most E-Scooters are limited to the same speed as E-Bikes (15.5mph or below).



The safety legislation regarding personal protection when using an E-Scooter is still developing, but ourselves and other retailers will always recommend wearing a helmet, using gear that allows for enhanced visibility and any other protective wear that you see fit.


Electric Scooters have a very wide price range, greatly affecting ride quality. A higher cost can result in a more powerful battery and motor, enabling you to cover more distance without needing to recharge.

It can also provide tyres that easily soak up any bumps in your path and more responsive braking for greater manoeuvrability and overall safety.


Brakes for E-Scooters can come in many different forms, Electric brakes are found on many higher-end models and require very little or no maintenance. Foot brakes are the most responsive at stopping you quickly but will eventually succumb to wear and tear. Disc brakes are found on some Electric Scooters and operate in a similar fashion to a standard bike, they work great but will need to be repaired eventually. Some scooters work to combine braking systems, for example, the Unagi Model One E500 features dual electronic anti-lock brakes as well as a standard foot friction brake.


An incredibly wide range of Electric Scooters is available online. As their popularity grows,  so does the confusion surrounding which models and manufacturers are providing a reliable, quality product.

At Leisure Lakes Bikes we carefully select our E-Scooters from reputable brands, ensuring customer satisfaction and longevity of the product.   


When it comes to Electric Scooters, smaller wheels are less desirable. The smaller wheels found on cheap Electric Scooters can get stuck in potholes and are easily disrupted by small debris. Whether your tyres are solid or air-filled can also impact ride quality; solid tyres have the advantage of ruling out puncture protection whereas air-filled tyres offer better comfort but are more difficult to repair. Some Electric Scooters offer suspension but this is not always necessary; quality solid tyres and air-filled tyres still deliver a comfortable ride.

Maximum Load

All E-Scooters have a maximum load that varies from model to model. Many Electric Scooters have a maximum load of 100kg+, but it’s advised to check before purchase. 


Range simply refers to the distance that can be covered. This is mostly dependent on the battery, motor and the terrain the scooter is travelling on. It is advised to consider how far you will travel, how often and for how long. Some models are specifically built to go the distance, with the Walberg Urban Electrics Egret Ten V3X boasting an impressive range of 26 miles! (42 km).


Various sizes with different degrees of adjustability are available. It is necessary to check before purchasing that the E-Scooter is the right size for you. Some manufacturers provide an adjustable handlebar for personal customization whereas others have an ideal ‘height range’ for the rider. This is always made clear in the Electric Scooter’s specifications.

Also, some models will pack down into a smaller size for carrying onto public transport or ease of storage. It’s always wise to check the overall weight and dimensions of your scooter when folded so you know whether you can easily carry it short distances if necessary.


The accessories available for Electric Scooters are very similar to that of E-Bikes, with many bike-specific accessories being transferable onto an E-Scooter. Horns and lights come integrated into many higher-end models, but third-party mounts are compatible with most E-Scooter models. Computer or phone mounts can sit neatly on an E-Scooter handlebar, just as they would on an E-Bike.

Additionally, puncture repair kits (if necessary) and locks are a must for anyone getting the most use out of their Electric Scooter, with some scooter-specific locks available for ease of use and peace of mind. Many ‘U-Lock’ style bike locks can also fit around the base of an Electric Scooter to secure it to an appropriate fixture.   


A wide choice of Electric Scooters are available and the industry continues to expand and evolve. That said, the only way to work out which model is right for you is by considering a variety of factors. How often will you use the scooter and what range will it need to cover? What included features do you require and what is your overall budget?

The best way to come to a decision is to speak to an expert or even try out the E-Scooter before you purchase.

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