Pure race machinery. Honed for more.

Experience the sheer joy of untethered speed with the all-new Yeti SB 160.

Built on one of the most winning platforms in EWS history, the SB 160 builds on the back of a racing pedigree. The Yeti/Fox factory team won 49 EWS stages, 11 EWS races, and 1 national series championship aboard the SB150.

The SB160 continues to build on this momentum. A legacy of excellence. Honed. Refined. And even ‘effing faster.

From the advanced Switch Infinity tech to the efficient new racing-oriented silhouette, here’s our full rundown on why the SB160 begins a new legacy of speed.

Silhouette of Speed

More than just good looks, the refined main frame and swingarm silhouette packages Switch Infinity and the shock linkage a little tighter.

This results in a more efficient frame with added impact clearance. Holistic frame chassis stiffness has increased, along with frame ground clearance.

For every rider

Every rider deserves a frame feel that’s tuned for them, regardless of frame size.

Yeti endured hundreds of virtual simulation tests to perfect their carbon layups, resulting in consistent torsional stiffness & flex across all frame sizes.

The feel is precise yet compliant while structurally balancing weight and durability.

Name & Frame

Yeti’s SB160 is available in two distinct builds, TURQ or C series carbon.

TURQ Series bikes are made with the highest quality carbon fibre available, running slightly lighter than the C-Series and offering the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance.

C Series is more aggressively priced, whilst maintaining the strength & stiffness of its TURQ counterparts.


Yeti’s patented, two-piece wishbone shock extender ensures optimal clamping, shock compatibility, and ease of shock removal for more extended travel applications.

Speed Metal

Yeti’s all-new pivot designs use 100% standard-sized cartridge bearings secured with precision-machined floating collet axles.

All their bearings are pressed into the linkage assembly vs the swingarm or front triangle.

Reimagined Geometry

SB160 features a forward bias posture for a slightly longer reach, a shorter seat tube for an increase in agility when the seat is dropped in turns and steeps, and 10mm longer rear travel bringing more momentum in the rough. All wrapped in a high-impact strength carbon layup tuned to go fast and tested to rigorous DH standards.

Our factory team wanted even more confidence at pace. To achieve this, we’ve further refined geometry with little more reach, rebalanced front and rear centers, and size-specific chainstay and seat tube angles. It’s our most confidence inspiring geo to date. And it’s optimized by frame size, ensuring athletes of all sizes and styles are in a position that prioritizes speed and efficiency.

– Yeti Cycles

Neat & Tidy

Internally routed cable tubes with secure closures at entry and exit points eliminate rattles and cable rub. This also results in a beautifully sleek look across all models.

Threaded Bottom Bracket

SB160 sports an aluminium bottom bracket shell with integrated ISCG-05 tabs. This critical drivetrain interface is now more durable, cleaner and all-around easier to service.

Ready for Anything

If a hanger bending crash occurs, the new Yeti models use the Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) interface – the industry standard mount for a rear derailleur. The UDH is available in nearly any bike shop, Yeti dealer or not.

Unparalleled Feel. For all riders.

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Yeti SB 160 T1 Mountain Bike 2023 Cobalt – RRP £8,999.00
Yeti SB 160 T1 Mountain Bike 2023 Radium – RRP £8,999.00
Yeti SB 160 T1 Mountain Bike 2023 Turquoise – RRP £8,999.00

Yeti SB 160 C2 Mountain Bike 2023 Cobalt – RRP £7,299.00
Yeti SB 160 C2 Mountain Bike 2023 Radium – RRP £7,299.00
Yeti SB 160 C2 Mountain Bike 2023 Turquoise – RRP £7,299.00