Fully powered and ready to rumble, Orbea Wild is made for maximum fun.

Combining the latest Bosch motors and a 750Wh battery offers incredible range & power, and on the descents, Wild handles less like your typical e-bike and more like your fave enduro rig.

Orbea Wild M10

When designing the new Wild, Orbea first and foremost created a fantastic enduro bike. The frame rigidity, lighter weight, supportive suspension and e-evolved geometry all reflect this, putting you in complete control of every ride.

Performance through simplicity

Performance through simplicity means removing anything unnecessary and adding only what directly enhances the ride.

Thanks to technologies which prioritise simplicity, such as SBS & Clean Cockpit, Wilds’ frame is strikingly sleek and simple, with clean lines – meaning you could almost overlook that this is an e-bike.

Light. Lighter. Lightest.

The best materials, the most innovative designs and key technologies such as their SBS design mean that Wild is one of the lightest full-power e-bikes available.

Orbea Wild is seriously lightweight, starting from just 20.9 kg. All things being equally lighter means even higher performance, giving more range and vastly superior handling.

Orbea Wild | The Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it.

Orbea Wild has been crushing the competition and racking up several awards in the E-MTB world. Here are some expert opinions…

the most confidence-inspiring bike in the entire test field, which makes it a great option for both beginners and seasoned riders…

In a nutshell, the WILD successfully unites supposed opposites, combining composure and agility like no other bike in this test while at the same time convincing with good touring qualities thanks to the powerful motor and comfortable suspension.

E-MountainBike Magazine

The Orbea Wild just has that something special. The geometry is beautifully balanced, making it easy to ride fast and climb up steep and technical terrain with the help of the excellent Bosch motor.

The suspension is supportive and efficient, without being overly harsh and sacrificing traction. And the level of finish and integration is excellent, making the spec for your money all the more impressive. Overall Orbea has made a masterpiece with their newest Wild, making it our eMTB of the Year!

The Loam Wolf

The Basque brand has hit the spec sweet spot… forgiving suspension and chassis make it one of the best, easy-to-ride-fast bikes on the market…

Ultimately, the Wild’s performance on the roughest descents and the longest days out cements it as our eMTB of the Year.

Bike Radar

Orbea Wild | The Tech

SBS (Secure Battery System)

In Wild´s quest for the ultimate handling e-bike, they accepted no compromises, leading to the development of the Secure Battery System.

SBS means the battery is rigidly fixed in place and the frame structure is much like your favourite non-e-bike. Wild´s battery can be removed for maintenance but needs to be charged in place.

Steep & Deep

With its short, straight seat tube, Wild gives you space for your choice of long travel dropper posts across all sizes.

Get that saddle right out of the way when things get steep and deep, long travel droppers are the only way.

29er Traction & Optimized Chainstays

Integrating e-bike motors often causes an undesirable increase in chainstay length, resulting in less than natural handling.

Wild’s optimized 448mm chainstays give the most natural feeling & confidence-inspiring handling; while the 29er rear wheel provides the traction needed to transfer all that power to the dirt.

Bosch Drive Unit

The combination of the latest Bosch motors and a 750Wh battery offers unbeatable range & power.

Have the same riding experience as the Orbea Enduro team riders, all on a setup that handles just like your favourite Enduro bike.

Clean Cockpit

Less cables, less noise, less distractions. Leaving you free to focus on having the most fun possible. Like we said, you would be forgiven for forgetting this is an e-bike – until you get to the next climb.

Demo Models – Try before you buy!

We have Demo Orbea Wild models available right now in S, M, L & XL sizing! Contact your local store here for more information.

Could the Orbea Wild be your new electric enduro rig? Browse the links below for more info on specs & availability.

Orbea Wild M10 Electric Mountain Bike 2023 Cosmic Carbon – RRP £7,999.00

Orbea Wild M10 Electric Mountain Bike 2023 Halo Silver/Tanzanite Carbon – RRP £7,999.00

Orbea Wild H10 Electric Mountain Bike 2023 Basalt Grey/Dark Teal – RRP £6,499.00

Orbea Wild H20 Electric Mountain Bike 2023 Brown/Green – RRP £5,899.00

Orbea Wild M-Team Electric Mountain Bike 2023 Cosmic Carbon – RRP £8,999.00

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