A new breed of mountain bike.

Trek has unleashed the Fuel EXe. Evolved to break the mould, bridge the gap and elevate your ride with a quiet assist that all but disappears on the trail.

Stripping away the negative cumbersome and bulky connotations we have with some e-bikes, the Fuel EXe is built to be light, nimble & playful.

Packing serious power under the hood, Fuel EXe uses a motor unlike anything else out there. The discreet TQ harmonic pin ring transmission is supported by revolutionary capable geometry, expertly fine-tuned for barrelling into berms and making light work of tech trails.

Available in-stock today, here’s our rundown on why the EXe is your best trail ride ever, with extra Fuel in the tank.

Always dialled in

The Mino Link lets you quickly and easily tweak your geometry, so your bike is always tuned perfectly for the terrain and your personal riding style.

Hidden in plain sight

Fuel EXe uses a smaller & lighter motor, but because it has fewer moving parts it’s also smoother, quieter and more durable.

Nestled away behind the front chain ring is the TQ harmonic pin ring transmission, blended effortlessly.

This compact package allows for a 39% smaller downtube than your average e-MTB, delivering a ride that’s more in line with traditional mountain bikes.

Ultimate featherweight

With a motor weighing in at 1.85kg and a total system weight of just 3.9kg, the Fuel EXe is one of the lightest e-mountain bikes available.

A lightweight build in combination with 50 Nm of torque and a whopping 360 Wh battery provides just the right amount of force. Perfect for cranking up steep climbs without overwhelming your ride.

Ingenious integration

A sleek display sits flush with your top tube. Easily have all the essential details you need at hand, and let them disappear when the trail is all that matters.

Covert controls

Intuitive and discrete, the handlebar remote allows you to toggle between modes on the move. All without your hand leaving the safety of your grip.

Natural look. Natural ride. Surprisingly electric.

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Trek Fuel EXe 9.9 XX1 AXS e-MTB 2023 Satin Baja Yellow – RRP £14,350.00

Trek Fuel EXe 9.9 XTR e-MTB 2023 Mulsanne Blue – RRP £12,500.00

Trek Fuel EXe 9.8 XT e-MTB 2023 Deep Smoke – RRP £9,250.00

Trek Fuel EXe 9.5 Deore e-MTB 2023 Dnister Black – RRP £6,400.00

Trek Fuel EXe 9.5 Deore e-MTB 2023 Hex Blue – RRP £6,400.00