Specialized has launched the new Levo SL Gen2.

Completely reviewed and revised, the latest iteration to join the Levo SL range promises Specialized’s most impressive ride with even more power, updated geometry, improved suspension & more.


Unmatched ride quality and capability, amplified.

For the trail rider who craves serpentine singletrack, sending it all day, and lives for pushing every aspect of your skills & fitness.

Meet your new e-bike, the Levo SL. You’ll be blown away by its unmatched combination of flawless handling, capability, and “2 X You” amplification. With their latest addition to the Levo SL range, Specialized truly wanted to create the ultimate electric trail bike.

Could the Levo SL be your perfect E-MTB? Here’s our complete rundown on what sets Specialized’s new electric rig apart from its predecessors…

Levo SL | The Specs


It’s all about the ride

When everything works just right, it’s almost as if a bike disappears when you ride it. Specialized stripped away the mass to keep the Levo SL lean and responsive. It’s tough enough to withstand heavy trail abuse, but more than light enough to nail tricky manoeuvres. Its dialled geometry, kinematics and shock tuning leave nothing desired.


Frame of reference

Levo SL’s strategic carbon fibre layup provides super-responsive chassis stiffness and a lively, precise ride feel. Specialized have tuned the entire chassis – front end, rear end, and the link that unifies them – as a single unit to minimize lateral flex under pedalling and harness every bit of pedal force.


Geometry of control

The cockpit centres you in the bike, optimizing traction and corner control. The low bottom bracket, slack headtube angle, and reduced fork offset keep things stable in the rough, all whilst giving you the freedom to destroy the turns. The head angle can be personalized to your own preference, from 63, 64.25 & 65.5 degrees.

No dead weight

The new Levo SL is greyhound lean and almost telepathically responsive. Kitted out with a curated component selection that’s light, yet capable – for true trail riding. Put it all together and you get the benefits of amplification along with benchmark handling.


Mullet Setup

A 29er in the front ensures stability and confident performance in even the most hectic terrain, while a 27.5” rear wheel allows for a compact chainstay and super responsive behaviour.

If you prefer the rolling and traction benefits of a 29er rear wheel, just flip the pivot link chip and mount the big wheel.

Levo SL | The Tech

Turbo Operating System

Specialized’s seamlessly-integrated operating system delivers unmatched performance across torque, range, ride feel, ride quality, power, reliability and rider experience. It’s the invisible hand that enables you to do more, know more, go farther, feel stronger, and have more fun.

Specialized SL 1.2 Motor

The all-new Specialized SL 1.2 motor is whisper quiet, boasts unmatched smoothness, and delivers 43% more torque (50Nm), and 33% more power (320 Watts) than its predecessor. Resulting in “2x You” performance; it’s you pedalling, but a side of you only a Levo can truly bring out.

Go deep range

Levo SL features a premium, high-quality, and seamlessly integrated 320Wh battery pack. Combined with the efficient motor, you’re set up for long, epic rides of up to 5 hours (in Eco Mode). For longer rides, just slide the 160Wh Range Extender (sold separately) into your bottle cage – for an additional 50% of range.

Mastermind TCU

Specialized’s most advanced and intuitive e-bike control unit. Connecting the bike, the Turbo OS, the Mission Control App as well as the rider, all in a protected and easily visible display. MasterMind TCU enables over-the-air updates so your bike will get even better over time. With MicroTune, the power to fine-tune power output levels in real-time is at your fingertips, optimizing range management and performance.


Mission Control App

Mission Control App and lets you personalize your motor characteristics with MicroTune, Support & Peak Power. You can say goodbye to range anxiety with Smart Control, and even protect against thieves with the Turbo System Lock.

Levo SL | What’s New?

Here’s the total rundown of all the changes made to the Levo SL Gen2:

  • New frameset, front triangle & rocker link, providing excellent stiffness and reliability.
  • All Levo SL models are mullet as standard. All will take a 29er rear wheel by simply flipping the horst pivot chip.
  • Geometry adjustable at the shock (+/- 5mm BB bb height) and head angle (+/- 1 degree with headset cups).
  • Suspension performance & kinematics have been improved to provide a smoother, more progressive ride.
  • Similar weight to gen1 but with improvements made to specs – all bikes come with 36 forks etc. (See Product Pages for full specification info).
  • Frames are now S-Sized. Levo SL Gen2 is available in S1 to S6 sizes, so you can find your perfect fit.
  • All new motor with 50nm torque, 320w max output. Much quieter than previous iterations, thanks to new internal gearing and a new casing.
  • Same massive 320wh battery and 160wh range extender compatibility.

Demo Models – Try before you buy!

We have Demo Levo SL Gen2 models available right now in S3, S4 & S5 sizing! Contact your local store here for more information.

Could the new Levo SL be your Ultimate Trail Bike? Browse the links below for more info on specs & availability.

Specialized Levo SL Comp Carbon Gloss Blaze/Black/Silver Dust – RRP £7,000.00

Specialized Levo SL Comp Carbon Satin Doppio/Sand/Silver Dust – RRP £7,000.00

Specialized Levo SL Pro Carbon Gloss Oasis/Oasis Tint Over Silver/Satin Black – RRP £10,250.00

Specialized Levo SL S-Works Carbon Satin Carbon/Brushed Black Chrome Foil/Silver Dust – RRP £13,000.00

Specialized Levo SL S-Works Carbon Gloss White/Gunmetal/Silver Dust – RRP £13,000.00

Specialized Levo SL S-Works Carbon Satin Carbon/Brushed Black Chrome Foil/Silver Dust Frameset – RRP £5,750.00

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