Send it Anywhere.

The all-new Nomad 6 has just landed in stock. Improving on each previous iteration, Santa Cruz wanted to build a bike that’s made to take a beating.

Throw it in the van, hit the roads, climb a mountain and hammer it back down… Santa Cruz’s latest rendition of the Nomad is built to last, ready and willing to go wherever, whenever. The only thing it needs is a rider willing to press send.

From its VPP Suspension, proportional geometry and MX setup, here’s our complete rundown on why the V6 is the most rock-solid Nomad yet…

All the Travel

Nomad 6 boasts 170mm of hit-soaking suspension, all the travel anyone needs in a single-crown bike intended for only the steepest & deepest of trails.

170mm of 38mm diameter fork and 170mm of VPP™ rear suspension, compatible with both coil and air shocks.


Stash all your essentials securely beneath a new high-quality latch & panel, right in the Nomad’s downtube.

Glovebox is also provided with a fitted Tool Wallet and Tube Purse, perfect for keeping your tools in close reach.

Heavy Duty

Santa Cruz’s solid Carbon C & CC frames are built to take everything you can throw at it, and more.

Frame stiffness is also now tuned by size. Bigger riders mean bigger stresses on bigger frames. So Santa Cruz tailors stiffness for every size; making sure everyone gets the same ride quality.

VPP™ Suspension

Virtual Pivot Point suspension can be optimized to strike a balance between pedalling efficiency and all-out bump-chomping prowess.

Nomad V6 is exceptional at absorbing the biggest hits, giving you the confidence to ride harder in the worst of terrains.

VPP™ suspension is also pedal efficient, meaning it won’t become a total drag when it’s time to climb.

Proportional Geo

Chainstay length and seat angle are matched to the frame size (STA steepens and rear centre grows as frame size increases). As with their other models, Santa Cruz wants to ensure that every rider, no matter what height, gets the same ideal balance of geometry and handling characteristics.

Party in the Back

The Nomad 6 now features a mixed wheel configuration, with a 29er wheel up front providing traction & stability, while the 27.5-inch rear wheel allows for quick back wheel steering & lifting.

Flip the Script

The flip-chip, allows you to change up your ride on the fly. In the Low position, the shock rate becomes more progressive, particularly at the end of the stroke, and there’s some bottom-out resistance to be gained.

Whilst in the High setting, the bike rides a little higher in its travel and supplies the rider with more mid-stroke support.

It’s in the Details

Added extras that really set the Nomad V6 apart include a neat mud flap to protect your rear shock, exceptionally tidy cable routing within the frame & swingarm, as well as rubberized DT protectors to effortlessly protect from any nasty bumps.

Ready and willing to go wherever, whenever.

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Santa Cruz Nomad C S MX Air Mountain Bike 2023 Gloss Gypsum – RRP £6,599.00
Santa Cruz Nomad C S MX Air Mountain Bike 2023 Matte Carbon – RRP £6,599.00

Santa Cruz Nomad C R MX Air Mountain Bike 2023 Gloss Gypsum – RRP £5,499.00
Santa Cruz Nomad C R MX Air Mountain Bike 2023 Matte Carbon – RRP £5,499.00

Santa Cruz Nomad C GX AXS Air MX Mountain Bike 2023 Gloss Gypsum – RRP £7,899.00
Santa Cruz Nomad C GX AXS Air Mx Mountain Bike 2023 Matte Carbon – RRP £7,899.00

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