Renthal are proud to introduce their all-new Revo-F Pedals.

Renthal’s first pedal product delivers ultimate Ride-Tuned on-trail performance, tuneable grip levels, ease of maintenance and bomb-proof durability.



Packed with unique features, innovative tech and customization, could the new Revo-F pedals be your perfect upgrade? Check out our full rundown below…


Revo-F features a fully concave platform, in two axis, giving you the highest level of support & control.

Renthal also added asymmetric pin positioning and an increased width axle, this makes the full platform and all ten pins useable, no matter your shoe size.


Tuneable Grip

Dial in your perfect grip with the Revo-F pedals.

Pin height can be easily adjusted from 5.5mm to either 4.5mm, 3.5mm or 2.5mm, making them one of the most tuneable pedals around.


“The main body of the Revo-F is made from forged 6061 aluminium. The pedal is then fully CNC machined, to remove as much material as possible.

To improve rock strike performance, the front face of the pedal has been kept smooth, without any cut-outs. This allows the pedal to slide over rocks, rather than grabbing them.

Internally the pedal body spins smoothly around a high-grade, forged, machined and precision-ground chromoly axle.”


Durable Internals

Renthal designed the Revo-F to spin on an extra-wide Igus bush, sealed with a full-contact wiper seal.

It has three cartridge bearings, two smaller bearings and a larger bearing in the outermost location, sealed with an end-cap O-ring.

Additional durability comes from the full-length axle. Mounting the bearing at the outer edge of the pedal gives the best support.


“The patent-pending axle system, featured in the Revo-F allows full home servicing, using standard tools, found in anyone’s toolkit.

All that is required is a 6mm and 8mm hex-key, a standard 8mm socket, a torque wrench and a mallet.

The unique system uses the axle to both remove and re-install the bushing. The bearings are also pressed into place, using the pedal internals.”


Full Specifications

  • Genuine concave platform in both axis.
  • L-100mm x W-104mm.
  • Ten pins per side, all screw-through type.
  • Asymmetric pin positioning and increased axle width, for the maximum usable platform.
  • Adjustable pin length from 2.5mm to 5.5mm, in 1mm increments.
  • Three outboard cartridge bearings and extra wide inboard IGUS bush.
  • Fully sealed with inboard, full contact lip-seal and O-ring end-cap seal.
  • Renthal patent pending axle system allows home servicing, without specialist tools.
  • Forged and CNC machined 6061 aluminium pedal body.
  • High-grade chromoly axle.
  • Black or AluGold anodised finish, with contrasting surface textures.

Could the all-new Renthal Revo-F’s be your perfect pedals?

Available to order now, online & in-store.
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Renthal Revo-F MTB Flat Pedals 9/16in Black – RRP £154.95

Renthal Revo-F MTB Flat Pedals 9/16in AluGold – RRP £154.95