Known for their top-class technical clothing, Endura have been a staple in the UK riding scene for nearly 30 years now, and for 2022 the Scottish brand have stepped their range up with an all-new Footwear collection. Working with their parent group Pentland to utilise the latest in shoe technology & innovation, Endura bring three rad new MTB shoes to our stores with the MT500 Burner Clipless, MT500 Burner Flat & Humvee Flat.

Stick or Twist

When looking for a new shoe for riding, there’s three key things we look for: Grip, Comfort & Durability. A grippy n’ sticky firm sole means no more pedal slips and bloody shins, as well as better power transfer through the pedals. Comfortable ergonomics make those longer days all the better, positioning your feet to deal with the pressures & feedback from the trails. Durability is a no brainer, everyone wants a shoe that lasts years of abuse year round.

Endura’s new footwear feature their all-new StickyFoot technology, which can be summed up as being a super durable, sticky-as-s*** sole; here’s the official line:

Endura’s proprietary StickyFoot™ Grip rubber compound has been used for the pedal area of the sole keeping your feet firmly planted on the pedals. The rubber deforms around pedal pins, locking your feet in place and giving you optimal control over your bike. When it’ time to head back up to the top of the trail for another run, the toe and heel tread has been designed to give you great walking traction if needed.


It’s worth noting that for the more casual street orientated Humvee Flat Shoe, an extra level of flex has been added to balance all-day comfort & on the bike performance.

Ergonomics-wise, Endura have worked with renowned physiotherapist and ergonomist Phil Burt alongside their parent group Pentland (Who themselves have over 100 years of experience in footwear) to create a fresh design Ergonomistry philosophy. They also had key feedback from Endura athletes Kriss Kyle & the Athertons along the way to boot.

Backed by cold, hard science the Ergonomistry approach focuses on allowing you to ride harder, longer.

The shoes are clever on the inside too, with the MT500 versions making use of a new EGM footbed that maximises comfort and power transfer for hard riding pinners. Developed with Phil Burt, these feature a Metatarsal Button to improve forefoot function, strategically placed Sole Stimulants to improve proprioception (greatly improving its ability to soften and stiffen through co-ordinated muscular contractions) and a Power Arch that’s carefully profiled and contoured to help the arch of your foot to cope better with the conflicting demands that cycling places upon it.


For the MT500, highly durable upper fabrics with perforated panels provide enhanced ventilation. Complete with traditional laces plus an additional Velcro® strap to lock your feet in place throughout a ride.

Endura Shoe Range & Availability

Endura Humvee Flat Shoe – RRP £89.99
Available in: Black // Pebble // Olive Green // Navy

Endura MT500 Flat Shoe – RRP £119.99
Available in: Black & Grey // Forest Green // Navy

Endura MT500 Clipless Shoe – RRP £129.99
Available in: Black & Grey // Forest Green // Navy

All are available to order online & in-store today! To view the full range hit the link here!