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    Ladies Shoes
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    Ladies Shoes

    If you're looking to improve your performance when you're riding, a pair of ladies cycling shoes will do just that. They have been designed to be more comfortable when you're pedalling hard and they're constructed using high quality materials for maximum performance. We have a range of shoes for all riders... womens mountain bike shoes for those who love the trails, as well as a big selection of womens road bike shoes for maximum speed.

    Clip-In Shoes v Flat Shoes

    There's one question on everyone's lips when it comes to cycling shoes which is better, clip-in or flats? There's no set in stone answer, it's just whichever you prefer. The majority of road riders prefer clip-in cycling shoes as they allow you to input energy in the upward motion of the pedal stroke as well as down. So overall clip-in shoes improve the efficiency of your pedalling but keep you stuck to the pedals.

    Some mountain bikers on the other hand, prefer the freedom of being able to lift your feet from the pedals, so they would opt for flat cycling shoes. The only downside is that you have to have the correct type of pedals to match your shoes. If you want clip-in shoes you need a pair of clip-in pedals, or if you'd prefer flat shoes you must be riding with flat pedals on your bike.

    Ladies Road Bike Shoes

    If you want to improve your performance on the road, a pair of womens road bike shoes will do the trick. Road bike shoes have an exceptionally stiff sole which delivers the best possible power transfer, so every bit of energy you put in goes straight to the road. Virtually all road shoes are compatible with 3-bolt cleat systems.

    Ladies Mountain Bike Shoes

    These are a lot more durable to withstand the rigours of mountain biking. A good pair of womens mountain bike shoes will offer good flexibility so you can maintain complete control over your pedals. Most mountain bike shoes are compatible with 2-bolt cleat systems, however flat MTB shoes aren't compatible with clip-in pedals. These are exceptionally grippy and will sink into the nipples on your flat pedals so you're not slipping off the pedals.

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