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Thule Sprint 596 Bike Carrier Recall

   Words by Ben Mercer

   on 02/06/2016 10:31:00


Thule have determined a defect on the Thule Sprint 596 which impacts motor vehicle safety, this affects all Thule Sprint 569000 Bike Carriers produced before May 1, 2016, since it’s launch in March 2015. If you own one of the affected models please stop using it and get into contact with your local LLB Store immediately, we’ll be able to arrange for a return of your existing carrier and register you for the new and improved Thule Sprint as a replacement. All new models will feature a Thule BringIt! Guarantee Logo on the bottom of the tray.

ThuleSprint_Recall                 ThuleSprint_NotRecall

Recalled                                                     New and improved                                     

The Issue

Thule take quality very seriously and product safety is their top priority. The issue is within the clamping mechanism of the Thule Sprint, it causes the system that secures the fork to the carrier to fail. This could lead to the bike not being properly securely and coming loose from the carrier during transport.

The issue can be identified when tightening the torque limiting knob on the front of the carrier by noticing that the fork skewers do not properly clamp around the bike fork dropouts. The Torque knob can be perceived to be properly tightened, as it gives off an audible click inteded to signify the appropriate clamping pressure, but in a defected unit, the bike carrier skewers will not have tightened sufficiently. Moreover, the push block can crack during tightening of the torque knob, but if fatigued it can also crack during driving leading to a failure of the clamping mechanism.

No personal injuries have been reported, but Thule is taking this action out of caution.


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