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Simon Deplitch - Rider Profile - Team Chronomaster

   Words by Beth Noy

   on 01/01/2017 09:49:00

Simon Deplitch 1

Tell Us About Yourself

  • Job Title: Telecoms architect
  • Nickname: Si
  • Ideal Meal: Scallops & Chorizo, followed by Chateaubriand Steak
  • Poison: Craft IPA or G&T
  • Favourite Possession other than your bike: Panerai Italian sports watch
  • Top Tip: Rest is just as important and training hard.
  • Cant do without: Coffee and dark chocolate

Tell us a joke…

The formula for the number of bikes you should own is S-1, where S is the number of bikes that would result in separation from your partner

Worst Crash

Probably a bad case of road rash and broken fingers from an 'off' on wet roads in Mallorca.

What bike do you ride?

Specialized S-Works Tarmac ETap, including custom parts:

  • S-Works Power saddle - I got on well with the new Power saddle on my last bike, so it was the first upgrade here. Although short, the shape keeps me planted and connected to the bike, a stable platform to put the power down.
  • S-Works Carbon in-line seatpost - Following a RETUL bike fit I switched to an in-line post and longer stem on all my bikes, this allows me to get into a more aggressive position with my 'knees over pedals' which helps in a sprint.
  • S-Works Carbon Aerofly bars - I think the aero advantage and good looks outweigh the slight weight penalty of these bars over the S-Works Carbon compact bars I use on my training bike, plus I find them supper comfy.

Simon Deplitch 2

Simon Deplitch 3

Simon Deplitch 4


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