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Riding The Cape Argus–Iain and Mark Noy

   Words by Beth Noy

   on 22/04/2016 11:45:39


Iain and Mark Noy (two of the directors of Leisure Lakes Bikes) were invited out to South Africa by Cervelo to ride the famous Cape Argus Cycle Tour.

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is the largest, timed cycling event in the world. This year was also celebrated as the 38th time the ride has been held and on Sunday, 6 March 2016, 35 000 cyclists lined up to ride the 109km route.

The route starts at Cape Town and the full 109km give some spectacular views of Table Mountain with the highest point of the ride reaching 1220m.


Iain’s Take On The Trip

“One of the main challenges of the ride was to get my twin brother Mark round 70 miles on a road bike… Mark being a fanatical mountain biker has never ridden more than 40 miles on a road bike; he did incredibly well. He took some educating on the intricacies of road riding and holding the rear wheel in 50kmp winds without getting dropped. It really was an amazing ride and crossing the finish line arms raised together was just an amazing accomplishment.

The other major challenge for me was to ride a bike after braking my coccyx 2 weeks before whilst snowboarding in the Alps! A few days later whilst on a trip to One way Bike in Holland I was lucky to be given a custom built SQ Lab saddle and Syntace P6 Seatpost to help alleviate the pain. Big thumbs up for this! I wouldn’t say it wasn’t painful but I did manage to ride the 4 days as planned so a thanks to them.

SQ lab saddle

The 2016 Cervelo C5 Dura Ace Disc bikes we were riding was just a dream to ride; comfort and performance is a very difficult combination to achieve but Cervelo have nailed it with their new ‘endurance’ road bike.

Cervelo’s slogan ‘The best roads are not always the best roads’ is why the C5 and the C3 were born into the Gravel bike category. To be fair the roads in SA were so smooth compared to the UK, the bike would be even better back home with a smooth road rarely being an option.  Don’t take my word for it, Daventry have a road demo day on 2nd of Apriland the C5 and C3 will be available for test on that day.

All in all, we finished in 3.40 hours with an average of 18.2mph, not too shabby!!”



“Our trip didn’t end with the ride… My so called friends paid for me and my brother to go Great White Shark cage diving, an amazing experience! We were literally inches away from a 4.5m Great White which was at one point attacking and biting the cage! They are the most amazing animals and so misunderstood. Needless to say after seeing 12 different great white sharks in just 3 hours I did not go for a swim when we got back to the beach!!” Iain Noy.


“A 3am start and riding the 2.5ft swell to the location was, as Mark described, “Just great… who doesn’t like throwing up off the front of the boat with a load of other people…”


“Thanks to the guys at Cervelo for a great time, great accommodation & beer & thanks to the Great Whites for not eating us!” Mark Noy.


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