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Say goodbye to cables with the revolutionary groupset that everyone is talking about; SRAM Red eTap.


The SRAM Red eTap Electronic Groupset brings revolution to the road cycling world in the shape of simplicity, delivering top tier racing performance within a fully wireless, electronic system.

  • Wireless connection - say goodbye to cables
  • 1000 kilometres of riding per charge
  • Shifts the instant you demand it - with military precision
  • All the electronic components packaged in one box
  • Includes: Shifters, Rear Derailleur and battery, Front Derailleur and battery, Charger and cord, USB Stick and Quick Start Guide

Additional SRAM Red eTap parts are also available separately, allowing you to run the full groupset as developed for the best possible results. Blips are also available for those who want to set-up remote shifting on their bars.

  • SRAM Red eTap Chainset
  • SRAM Red eTap Cassette
  • SRAM Red eTap Aero Link Brakeset
  • SRAM Red eTap Blips

SRAM Red eTap Feature Rundown

The SRAM Red eTap groupset prides itself in its simplicity, offering quick and easy installation that isn’t too far from a traditional derailleur system, but without the hassle of wiring. Instead, in its place is a pairing system that takes just a few seconds for each component to sync up. The eTap rear derailleur alignment can also be adjusted while riding with ease thanks to its micro-adjust function.

Powered by Lithium-Ion Polymer batteries, which clip directly on to the back of the derailleurs, the SRAM eTap offers up to 1000 kilometres of riding per charge. A full charge takes a mere 45 minutes, and both the units display their current charge level, which is particularly useful to ensure that you aren’t left cutting your ride short. The shifters are powered by a traditional CR2032 battery and last for up to 24 months of consistent use. Communication between each component is safe and secure, guaranteeing no cross over or interference from outside sources or other riders also running the eTap system.

Riding the SRAM Red eTap is an entirely different, and much more intuitive experience when compared to other Electronic shifting systems. To change up or down on the rear derailleur you’ll have to use both the left and right shifters (Right, UP. Left, DOWN), and to change the front derailleur by pressing both shifters simultaneously. This system may take a few rides to get used to, but will ultimately simplify & improve your gear shifts even further once you’re comfortable. Another key aspect of the SRAM eTap shifters are the level of feedback they provide when changing gear, providing a clear response as it carries out the shift, much like the feel of mechanical levers.

It’s Time To Shift Forward

If a technological advancement clutters the experience, it shouldn’t be called an advancement.

Because it’s a bicycle. It’s supposed to be simple. To make something elegant to the point where it removes what’s in the way... that’s advancement. That is the standard SRAM held ourselves to while developing the first electronic shifting system; SRAM RED eTap.

2017 Specialized S-Works Tarmac eTap

The all new 2017 Specialized S-Works Tarmac is one of the first true top tier racing bikes to feature the SRAM eTap groupset, utilising its flawless shifting technique to push the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of performance and reliability when tackling the most world’s most demanding routes. The Specialized S-Works Tarmac has been developed as a purpose-built all-round race bike, producing an unbelievably light, stiff and reactive riding style thanks to its S-Works FACT 11r carbon fibre construction. The Rider-First Engineered design philosophy allows Specialized to specify every tube size and carbon lay-up for every frame size, creating the optimal balance of rigidity, weight, and responsiveness, so every frame, regardless of size, performs just as it’s intended.


“If you need proof of the Tarmac’s capabilities, just take a look at it’s trophy case, with wins in every Grand Tour and the last two World Championships” – Specialized

For more details, stock queries & pricing on the Specialized S-Works Tarmac eTap 2017 Road Bike Click HERE!

2017 Trek Domane 9 SLR Etap

Another bike that features the eTap groupset is the new Trek Domane 9 SLR, this incredible bike utilises incredible race comfort, stability and blistering speed to tackle the world’s most punishing road surfaces without a second thought. With the help of the revolutionary SRAM eTap wireless shifting system the Trek Domane SLR takes performance to a whole new level, benefiting from Adjustable IsoSpeed technology to create a smooth ride that confidently powers over the famous cobbles of Flanders and Roubaix, charges up dizzying climbs and rounds it all off with an on rails descent. It’s the perfect recipe for results.


“IsoSpeed technology smooths even the roughest roads, with an adjustable rear you can fine-tune the bikes compliance level to suit your riding style and the current terrain.” - Trek

Want more info on the Trek Domane 9 SLR eTap 2017 Road Bike? Click HERE!


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