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My Electric Fat Bike–Why I Went Electric

Words by Beth Noy on 26/01/2017 15:43:00

It seems the days of wheel size debates are behind us (nearly!) and the latest thing people can’t agree on is… E-Bikes. 

From being brought up riding bikes from the moment I could walk (my dad is one of the founders of LLB) I decided to buy an electric bike last year, and not only that, an electric FAT bike (yes I know what you’re thinking) and it’s quite often the reaction I get from everyone that asks me what bike I have. I’m 25, active and currently have no injuries that stop me riding a ‘normal’ bike, so why did I choose an electric bike?


My First Fat Bike Ride

After moving to Southport last year, which is a seaside town just north of Liverpool, I decided to borrow a Haibike electric fat bike we had on hire from our Preston/Southport store so I could join the guys from the shop on their weekly fat bike ride. The rides take us around the sand dunes and pine woods of Southport and Formby and couldn’t be ridden on a normal mountain bike because of how deep the sand is in parts.

After my first ride I knew I had to have one… there are so many trails and paths that are now right on my doorstep.

Photo 30-08-2016, 8 05 22 pm_thumb

Photo 05-07-2016, 8 22 12 pm_thumb[1]

Our monthly fat bike shop ride in Southport. If you want to join us next time just email for more details!

Photo 23-07-2016, 8 40 47 pm_thumb

Fat bike football in the summer!

The Choice To Go Electric

After making the decision to buy a fat bike, then the question came; should I choose an electric bike? After borrowing a non-electric fat bike from a friend for a few rides I knew electric was the way to go, and here’s why…

#1 I can build up my confidence on my bike

After having some back-to-back crashes on my mountain bike thanks to some wet days in Scotland, my confidence was definitely not what it used to be on my bike. This made me reluctant to get out on the trails knowing I would hold people up as I needed to take it slow and get my confidence back up again. My electric bike has been amazing for this; things I started to hesitate on and then not have the power to get over (meaning more crashes) was not a problem anymore thanks to the electric motor! It gives me that bit of extra power to get me over things I had started to dread approaching and my riding has improved so much in the past year.

#2 I can build up my fitness

Last summer I also had bad crash on my wakeboard resulting in a knee injury (I know many of you will feel my pain with this) so after some time off from everything I love doing, and having to hold back on any board sports for a while, I needed something fun to do that I could build my fitness back up again; hello electric fat bike!

The most common thing people say to me when they see me riding an electric bike is “you’re cheating” but I couldn’t disagree more! Yes the bike is helping me but because of the different output modes on the motor it means I can choose the level of assistance so I can build up my fitness, and my knee strength, over time. This is perfect when I’m out riding with a group of fit and fast riders because I can keep up with the group whilst changing modes to give me the extra assistance when I need it.

3# It powers through anything

I have just returned from 10 days snowboarding in the Pyrenees but due to there being absolutely no snow for the first 5 days we had some time to head up the mountain on our bikes. This was amazing as we got some great days riding in…

Photo 07-01-2017, 1 23 57 pm_thumb

As there aren’t a lot of specific mountain bike trail centres where we were, my electric motor came in handy on the 1.5 hour climbs up fire trails to the top of the mountain (and yes this probably was cheating a bit) but it meant I made it to the top!

Photo 10-01-2017, 2 27 43 pm_thumb

Then the snow started… We had to wait a couple of days before the slopes were covered enough for snowboarding and due to high winds it meant we got to head out on the bikes again…

Photo 12-01-2017, 12 05 41 pm_thumb

No walking for me on my electric mountain bike!

Photo 12-01-2017, 11 39 31 am_thumb[1]

Photo 07-01-2017, 12 22 48 pm_thumb

Chris Noy – Not happy at all about the lack of snow!

#4 It’s So Much fun

I think everyone I go riding with has tried out my bike and no-one ever returns without a HUGE smile on their face! However you choose to ride it, there is no denying that this is one hell of a fun bike to ride! I’ve never had so much fun riding a bike and I can’t wait to head over to Switzerland in June 2017 and hit the trails of Grindlewald to see how it handles in completely different terrain.

Can’t Decide Whether To Buy An Electric Bike?

If you’ve been thinking about changing to an electric bike then my advice would be to try one out (just check your local Leisure Lakes Bikes store for our electric demo bikes) and I’m confident your mind will be swayed by the time you get back to your car! We also have demo days and evenings throughout 2017 so you can test electric bikes of your choice back-to-back to get a great comparison between models. Just sign up to our newsletter or like us on Facebook so you don’t miss out.

Photo 31-05-2016, 7 26 50 pm_thumb

My Bike: 2016 Haibike XDURO FatSix Electric Fat Bike is no longer available but check out the 2017 Haibike XDURO FatSix 6.0.

Strava: Beth Noy

If you want any advice on which electric bike to go for then just leave a comment below and I’m happy to help!