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Kris Zentek - Rider Profile - Team Chronomaster

   Words by Beth Noy

   on 01/01/2017 09:24:00


Tell Us About Yourself

  • Job Title: Product Manager
  • Nickname: 50p - Because of my sharp precision cornering, I presume
  • Ideal Meal: Pea & mint Risotto, or Paella
  • Poison: Hendricks, Schweppes, slice of cucumber
  • Favourite Possession other than your bike: Right now it would have to be my drum kit. I’ve tried learning instruments before and I just lacked the patience. But smashing the hell out of drums is definitely a stress reliever!
  • Cant do without: I would have to say my Garmin – never leave home without it!
  • Top Tip: Just ride your bike as much as you can, in all weather. On your own or in a group, for 1 hour or 6. There is no better feeling than knowing you were out there training, when others were cowering in the garage.

Tell us a joke…

Two cows stood in a field. One cow says “You heard about that mad cow disease going round?” The other says “Doesn’t bother me, I’m a Giraffe.”.

Worst Crash

Descending a gorge pass in the Alps in 2015, overcooked a corner and lost the back wheel, Ended up slamming into the rock face. Luckily it was the rock side, as the other side was a shear 100ft drop to the river below! I did manage to save the bike though, with only a broken saddle and torn bartape. Took a good few months to recover from the bruising on my right leg.

What bike do you ride?

I’ve raced on Specialized road bikes for 4 years now and are my frame of choice. For this season, I will be riding the 2017 Specialized Sworks Tarmac Road Bike, thanks to the generous support of Leisure Lakes Bikes and Specialized UK.

I’ll be using the SRAM eTap groupset, a first for me this season. I’ll be using S-works finishing set including the Power Saddle (which I’ve raced on for 3 years – great saddle!), aerofly bars and either the Roval CLX 32’s or 50’s on Turbo tyres, depending on the race. No aftermarket upgrades for me. The Specialized brand is top notch! I also use Garmin Vector 2 pedals, mainly to satisfy the nerd in me.






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