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John Bamford - Rider Profile - Team Chronomaster

   Words by Beth Noy

   on 01/01/2017 09:40:00


Tell Us About Yourself

  • Rider: John Bamford
  • Job Title: Group Accountant
  • Nickname: Bambam
  • Ideal Meal: Fillet steak. Got to be cooked perfect though… medium rare. :O)
  • Poison: Any craft Ale
  • Favourite Possession other than your bike: Got to be my Gaggia bean to cup espresso machine. I can’t leave the house without my daily fix of coffee.
  • Top Tip: It’s worth giving your chain and cassette some TLC after every ride. A couple of baby wipes will get the chain sparkling…. Then re lube it and you’re good to go for the next day… shifting will be better, the chain will wear less…. Saving you money. :O)
  • Cant do without: Family.

Tell us a joke…

I’m rubbish at remembering jokes, but here’s one of my daughter’s favourites….

Why was the Egyptian boy so confused? Because his Daddy was a Mummy.

Worst Crash

Last corner of Preston Death Arena, grade 5 dislocation, plus 2 fractures of the collarbone.

What bike do you ride?

Specialized Tarmac Expert with SWorks cockpit and Roval CLX32s. This is a great bike and one of the best I have ridden. The frame is rider first engineered, which basically means the bike is specifically built around the individual frame size as opposed to a scaled down version of a 56cm frameset. This process results in tube thicknesses, frame angles etc being specific to your frame size.

So in the real world the bike is very compliant, extremely stiff without being harsh, but corners superbly. Just what you want from a bike. The upgraded Roval CLX32s get up to speed quickly and are extremely aero for a lightweight shallow rim.


Future Ride… Specialized SWorks Venge Vias Etap Disc

I’m currently waiting for delivery of this bike. It will be here soon and I know the bike will be awesome. Sram Etap, Sworks cranks with Quarq power meter, Roval CLX 64s with ceramic bearings, SWorks power saddle…… And that’s a stock build!!

All the reviews say this bike is lightening quick, so I’m looking forward to testing this out for myself.


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