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Electric Mountain Bikes–The Benefits of Going Electric

   Words by Beth Noy

   on 23/02/2017 10:17:00

Electric bikes (also known as ebikes) have been around for quite a few years now, but it’s only been in the last 12-18 months that we’ve started to see electric bikes as a real contender for a first (or next) bike purchase.

Electric mountain bikes are really causing a stir in the mountain bike world as people are very split on the idea of ‘going electric’. So whilst some will never change their ways (and that’s totally fine!) we wanted to put together all the benefits of why going electric could be the best decision you’ve made!

After all, mountain biking is supposed to be fun right? So however and whatever you choose to ride, keep on ripping up those trails…


Are you a seasoned mountain biker?

If you’ve been mountain biking for years then you may be wondering, “why would anyone want to go electric, mountain biking is supposed to be hard work”, but it still can be on electric bike, but with added ‘fun factor’…

1) Choose your level of assistance

Most people don’t realise but riding an electric mountain bike can still be hard work, just stick it in ECO or LOW assistance mode on a long hill and you’ll still feel like you’ve done something at the top. With up to 5 modes to choose from (depending on the eBike system you choose) you really can ride the way you want, but you’ll get to ride twice as long and up the assistance when you need more of a rest; who can complain about more time on the trails!

Here are the assistance levels on a Bosch motor and you can check out our eBike system comparison to see what other brands offer:

  • Off: No support; all on-board computer functions accessible
  • Eco: Effective, optimally efficient support for maximum range
  • Sport: Immediate, powerful support for sporty riding, for both mountain biking and road riding
  • Turbo: Direct, maximum support to the highest cadences for ambitious, athletic riding

2) Say goodbye to uplifts

Why pay for an uplift every weekend when an electric mountain bike will get you to the top of the mountain but it will be far more fun on the way up! You wouldn’t believe how fun the climbs can be on an electric mountain bike so why not save money and enjoy more time on the trails.

There is no better way to show this than with ‘Skeptical By The Coastal Crew’ edit…

3) Your recovery time from an injury can be shorter

We’ve all been there, and it sucks! But cycling can be one of the best ways to get your body fighting back to fitness again as it’s a low impact sport (unless you’re hitting drops!) and electric mountain bikes even speed up your recovery.

The assistance you get on an electric mountain bike means you can still keep up with your mates without having to push yourself too hard, just up the assistance level when you need to!

…because of the different output modes on the motor it means I can choose the level of assistance so I can build up my fitness, and my knee strength, over time. This is perfect when I’m out riding with a group of fit and fast riders because I can keep up with the group whilst changing modes to give me the extra assistance when I need it.” – Read more about Why I Went Electric

4) The geometry feels just as good as a normal mountain bike

The times of electric bikes have changed and the geometry of electric mountain bikes are so similar to ‘normal’ bikes that they feel great to ride. Brands that are now offering electric bikes have worked tirelessly to incorporate the motor whilst staying true to the design and the feel of the bike.

5) You can ride longer and further

If you hate having to head back to the car after an amazing few runs on your bike because your body is screaming for you to stop, then those days are over with an electric mountain bike! You can ride longer and further with your electric bike to get even more out of your ride. Go for that last run or do the long route even if your pushed for time!


Getting into mountain biking for the first time?

If you’re wanting to start mountain biking or it’s been a while since you’ve been riding then we can’t recommend an electric mountain bike enough! You can power up the hills no problem, whilst building your fitness, and the electric assist really helps you power over obstacles

1) Build your fitness up at your own pace

One of the most common misconceptions about electric mountain bikes is that you are ‘cheating’ and not getting a work out at all. This couldn’t be further from the truth! You still have to pedal when riding an electric bike and with different power output modes you can choose the level of assistance you get from your bike. This means that as your fitness level increases, you can change to a lower output mode and set yourself new goals.

With loads of different types of electric bikes now available, there are great options for those who might want an alternative to driving without the intense level of exercise of a non-electric bike.

The most common thing people say to me when they see me riding an electric bike is “you’re cheating” but I couldn’t disagree more! Yes the bike is helping me, but because of the different output modes on the motor it means I can choose the level of assistance so I can build up my fitness, and my knee strength, over time. This is perfect when I’m out riding with a group of fit and fast riders because I can keep up with the group whilst changing modes to give me the extra assistance when I need it.” – Read more about Why I Went Electric

2) Build your confidence on the trails

You’ll be amazed at how a little extra power can help you get over things on the trails. As you start mountain biking more you get used to how to approach certain obstacles but the electric power can really help you progress your skills.

After having some back-to-back crashes on my mountain bike thanks to some wet days in Scotland, my confidence was definitely not what it used to be on my bike. This made me reluctant to get out on the trails knowing I would hold people up as I needed to take it slow and get my confidence back up again. My electric bike has been amazing for this; things I started to hesitate on and then not have the power to get over (meaning more crashes) was not a problem anymore thanks to the electric motor! It gives me that bit of extra power to get me over things I had started to dread approaching and my riding has improved so much in the past year.” – Read more about Why I Went Electric

Want To Try An Electric Bike?

We have a large range of electric bikes throughout our 10 UK stores so if you want to try an eBike before you buy then check out our hire bike and demo bike ranges and give us a call to arrange a demo!

What Electric Bikes Do We Sell?

We are proud to be stockists of the top branded electric bikes including Specialized, Haibike, Trek, Orange, Raleigh and Kalkhoff. We only sell bikes of quality that we know and trust and all of our staff are cyclists who can help if you’re unsure about the type of electric bike to choose.  If you want any help or advice on electric bikes then pop in to any of our 10 UK stores or our electric bike specialist store (opening March 2017) located within Leisure Lakes Bikes Bury.


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