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Craig Battersby - Rider Profile - Team Chronomaster

Words by Beth Noy on 01/01/2017 14:17:00


Tell Us About Yourself

  • Job Title: Solution Architect
  • Nickname: Batto / Tommy
  • Ideal Meal: My wife’s cheese and onion pie or chili paneer stir-fry
  • Poison: I'm a typical binge-drinker, don't drink a lot but when I do... So I'm not really into posh wine or weird beers, I'll drink anything. If I had to pick I'd go for Paddy Irish whisky
  • Favourite Possession other than your bike: Don’t have one
  • Top Tip: Go hard or go home
  • Cant do without: Tricia’s help, racing and training with a family is hard, having an understanding and helpful wife is the only way to make it possible!

Tell us a joke…

Del Never give up on people, Rodney. I know that most of the time they don't seem to understand. But when you're in trouble and you cry out for help, some will always be there. Trigger's cousin Cyril's a perfect example. He owed 500 quid on his mortgage.

Trigger They were gonna be thrown out on the street the following day. he was very worried about it.

Mike So what happened Trig?

Trigger He drove out to Beachy Head. Parked about five foot from the edge of the cliff.

Albert What, he was gonna drive off it?

Trigger Yeah! He just sat there for a couple of hours, his head resting on the steering wheel. People tried to talk to him out of it but he was too depressed to listen.

Del But then, and this is the what I mean about people, Rodney, they had a whip-round and got him his 500 quid.

Rodney No! Who held the whip-round?

Del All the passengers on the bus.

What’s your worst crash?

Sprinting for Peurto Pollenca sign with the legends Mark Dziobon and Si Wilson in March 2010, OK yeah, maybe I wasn’t quite troubling them in the sprint but Dr Death (Mark) flicked me and I high-sided and slammed my right hip onto the tarmac breaking my femur and removing part of my hip (Greater Trochanter for anyone interested!), 3wks in hospital alone in Majorca, a titanium rod inserted down my femur and hip nailed back together and then the rest of the season trying to get back. Unbelievably Mark suffered almost exactly the same injury a couple of weeks later and then a couple of years ago team-mate Ste did as well!!

I’m sure I’d have won that gallop for the Pollenca sign though, I was flying that year!!


What bike do you ride?

2017 Specialized S-Works Tarmac eTap… Love it, and I'm not just saying that because Specialized sponsor me, the last bike I bought was an S-Works Tarmac and I'd pay for one again. The geometry suits me with a slightly steeper head angle than most bikes my size seem to have. I'm a weight freak so have made lots of mods…


AX lightness carbon seat post, Berk composites integrated carbon bars and stem with custom garmin mount


S-Works carbon cranks with Power2Max power meter, Carbon-Ti carbon chainrings, Carbon-Ti skewers, Keo carbon-ti pedals, Lightweight wheels, Bontrager XXX speed limit carbon calipers


Berk composites integrated carbon bars and stem with custom garmin mount