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The Rutland CiCLE started way before the day itself for me. Reality struck about 2 weeks before Sunday 24th April after receiving the technical guide document, delivered with a virtual thud into the email inbox, which made the point that this was no ordinary race entry. With prescribed actions, times and rules that needed to be observed, did.... More

Dive, Dive, Dive–Rutland-Melton CiCLE Classic

Beth Noy | 25/04/2016 10:24:00

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The build up to any race has its pressures. The more you’re submerged in it the less stress it creates. Normality takes its course, riders and managers know the drill until, that is, you get a place in one of the UK’s toughest, most respected elite one day bike races: The Rultand CiCLE classic. This race is a.... More

“Can you just…” - Rutland-Melton CiCLE Classic

Beth Noy | 25/04/2016 10:22:00

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“C’est une connerie”. That was how Bernard Hinault famously described Paris-Roubaix, the so-called L’enfer du Nord or “hell of the North”. Roughly translated the expression; “it’s bullsh*t”! The Rutland-Melton CiCLE Classic has been described as the British version of the Queen of the Classics given that it includes several off-road sectors on farm tracks which.... More

The Hell Of The East Midlands - Rutland-Melton CiCLE Classic

Beth Noy | 25/04/2016 10:17:00

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Iain and Mark Noy (two of the directors of Leisure Lakes Bikes) were invited out to South Africa by Cervelo to ride the famous Cape Argus Cycle Tour. The Cape Town Cycle Tour is the largest, timed cycling event in the world. This year was also celebrated as the 38th time the ride has been held and.... More

Riding The Cape Argus–Iain and Mark Noy

Beth Noy | 22/04/2016 11:45:39

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The gravel bike market has in recent years taken the USA by storm. America does have many connecting roads that are dirt and gravel tracks which is where this style of bike has been born. That by no means makes the gravel bike in the UK redundant. With our roads deteriorating at a rapid rate and the possibility.... More

Gravel Bikes – A New Generation of Bikes

Beth Noy | 22/04/2016 10:00:04

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It’s been nearly 4 years since Stages Power Meters first appeared on the market and with the range rapidly growing over the years, there is now a power meter suitable for every rider… Why Power? Using power to measure your effort gives you the most accurate reading of how much work you are doing and.... More

Stages Power Meters

Beth Noy | 30/03/2016 11:38:00

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Cycling to work has dramatically grown in popularity over the last few years. It's a great way to cut petrol costs, ease congestion frustrations and keep fit. Now, thanks to the Government's cycle to work scheme you can purchase your new bike from Leisure Lakes Bikes completely tax FREE! This fantastic Government initiative allows you to ride to work.... More

Cycle To Work Scheme

Beth Noy | 01/03/2016 10:42:00

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Ch-chunk… Ch-chunk… The sound of shoes of clipping into pedals... The sound echoing round a cold dusty garage… The sound of pre-season training. One foot clipped in, swing the other over the saddle, sit down, deep breath, right we’re ready to go… The best part of the season has finished; that golden period after the traditional month.... More

Pre Season Training–LLB Racing

Beth Noy | 24/02/2016 16:43:00

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If you’re looking for someone to ride with or have a group of mates that want to find some new routes then join our staff at your local Leisure Lakes Bikes store for their next ride! We have a mix of different rides including ladies rides, road rides, mountain bike rides, fat bike rides and electric bike rides running weekly.... More

Ride with us

Beth Noy | 01/01/2010 13:39:00

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