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    A few months ago we had a very happy 12 year old, Mckenzie James, leave our Newport store with his custom built Mojo Nicolai Geometron. We checked back with him to see how he was getting on with his new “toy”… Filming and editing – Jack Slade Media We have been in touch with Mckenzie and.... More

    Mini Geometron–South Wales Shredding Video

    Beth Noy | 17/07/2017 14:53:00

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    Whyte have just announced their 2018 Line-up. As always, Whyte have focused on delivering a fun, aggressive range of bikes which are well equipped to deal with the demands of UK trail riding. Expect to see high quality specs at competitive pricing. Here’s a deeper look into their stand out Mountain Bike models for the coming year – Including.... More

    NEW-2018 Whyte Bikes Line-up

    Ben Mercer | 06/07/2017 16:55:00

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    Here at Leisure Lakes Bikes 417 we can offer you the rare opportunity to test multiple bikes in quick succession with the help of the Fly Up Downhill uplift service. Not only is this the chance to test multiple bikes, but also the same bike with multiple set ups so you can really get a feel for the.... More

    LLB 417–Demo Bikes

    Beth Noy | 10/05/2017 10:18:00

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    At Leisure Lakes Bikes we know just how important your bike is to you. That’s why we employ fully trained Cytech mechanics in all of our bike stores to bring you the best service possible each and every time you leave your bike with us! All of our stores have a full workshop with a range of workshop.... More

    Bike Servicing & Repairs–10 UK Stores

    Beth Noy | 08/05/2017 12:08:00

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    As if the Specialized Turbo Levo couldn’t get any better… the limited edition Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Expert 6Fattie 2017 Troy Lee Designs is here! The UK will only see a very limited number in this special paint job (only 200 to be exact) but that just makes it even more special… We only have 3.... More

    Specialized Turbo Levo–LTD Edition Troy Lee Designs Collaboration

    Beth Noy | 07/02/2017 13:36:00

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    The first 2017 Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Comp 6Fattie in Candy Red has landed in stock and we are more excited than a kid in a sweet shop about this limited edition colour! With only one batch arriving in the UK, if you want one of these you will have to be pretty quick as we can’t imagine them.... More

    LIMITED EDITION–2017 Specialized Turbo Levo FSR in Candy Red

    Beth Noy | 04/10/2016 12:35:00

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    We wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone that joined us at our new 417 store launch party last night! It was great seeing so many people coming to support our opening and check out the Flyup 417 project which we are proud to now be a part of. We are excited about our new store and.... More

    LAUNCH PARTY – New 417 Store NOW OPEN!

    Beth Noy | 23/06/2016 16:19:00

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    We are excited to be opening the doors of our NEW store, Leisure Lakes Bikes 417, that’s located above the pump track at Flyup 417 Project! LEISURE LAKES BIKES 417 OPENING TIMES Day Time .... More

    NEW STORE Leisure Lakes Bikes 417 - NOW OPEN

    bena | 15/06/2016 11:40:00

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    We are excited to have our NEW STORE opening at Flyup 417 Project in the next few weeks and we want you to join us for our exclusive launch party on Wednesday 22nd June 6pm - 10pm! There is a limited number of tickets available so get your tickets now and make sure you don't miss out! .... More

    Leisure Lakes Bikes 417 LAUNCH PARTY!

    Beth Noy | 03/06/2016 17:02:00

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    We are stoked to announce that our exclusive build of the Mojo Nicolai Geometron has arrived and built up ready to go! We have been looking forward to this for months and loving how it’s come out complete with our exclusive limited edition Charge Spoon saddle. Want to know more about the Nicolai Geometron? Check out our Introducing – Mojo.... More

    ARRIVED - Mojo Nicolai GeoMetron Custom Build

    Beth Noy | 05/05/2016 09:02:00

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    Aggressive riding means good quality body protection is a must to take the sting out of any knocks along the way. With so much choice out there and the big differences from one to another we’ve put together a run down of lightweight v heavy duty elbow and knee pads to keep you covered. Lightweight Body.... More

    Body Protection–Lightweight v Heavy Duty

    Beth Noy | 04/05/2016 16:25:00

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    Mojo boss Chris Porter has stretched conventional limits of geometry and suspension tech, hoping to create the fastest descending bike that still climbs well. But has he created a masterpiece or a monster? The Frame Despite its outrageous length, the industrial-looking tubeset feels exceptionally stiff under power. The four-bar suspension has been tweaked to boost.... More

    Mojo Nicolai Geometron Custom Build 2016 Review

    Ben Mercer | 01/05/2016 12:56:00

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    We are excited to have teamed up with Mojo/Nicolai Bikes to make our own custom build of the Mojo Nicolai GeoMetron. We will be hand building each and everyone one of these special builds in our own workshop at our Newport store, which is just minutes down the road from the Mojo Factory. What Is The Mojo/Nicolai.... More

    Introducing–Mojo Nicolai GeoMetron Custom Build

    Beth Noy | 14/03/2016 14:38:00

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    2016 is the year that 27.5+ mountain bikes and electric mountain bikes are going to start appearing on a lot more trails across the UK. Specialized have gone one step further and combined the two... Introducing the NEW Specialized Turbo Levo 27.5+ Electric Mountain Bike. Eurobike Winner This Specialized mountain bike won Eurobike Winner and Gold.... More

    NEW Specialized Turbo Levo

    Beth Noy | 15/09/2015 11:23:00

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