Professional Review for Garmin Edge 800 Enduro Package

With a touch screen display and improved interface, the Edge 800 is an excellent successor to Garmin's popular Edge 705 GPS bike computer. It's easier to use and offers significant new features over the 705 including Ordnance Survey map compatibility, temperature and improved calorie counting.  The new display is 160x240 pixels, which is just big enough to make the detail of an OS 1:50,000 map useful. The resistice touch screen - it needs pressure to activate it - uses an Apple iPhone-style swipe to switch displays, and provides a big target when you need to press a virtual button. It works fine in full finger gloves and makes it easy to spell place names.  Ride data is presented in three customisable screens with up to 10 pieces of information on each. The data now available includes temperature, which is useful for training analysis and for showing off how hardcore you are. A notable improvement over the 705 is heart-rate-based calorie computation: the 800 gives a reasonable accurate figure for the total work on your ride, unlike the 705's rather vague estimate.  The 800 is compatible with Garmin's GB Discovered range of OS maps. A bundle is available with the complete UK 1:50,000 map, and there are 1:25,000 maps for national parks and other major outdoor activity areas. For the extra £50 over the base unit, the 1:50,000 bundle looks like a bargain with a map that costs £199 on its own.  Some of the available bundles pair the 800 with a heart rate strap and Garmin's comfy, washable fabric Premium Heart Rate Monitor. There were reports of erratic readings with early versions of this, but ours performed faultlessly.  If you start riding without hitting the start button, the 800 asks you if you want to start the timer, an improvement over the 705; that iteration's fragile bike mount is gone too, replaced with the far better 90 degree twist mount introduced with the Edge 500. A with previous Garmin GPS units, you can create routes in the included software and download other people's rides or save your own at It also still features turn by turn navigation.  The Garmin Edge 800 is available in a range of bundles with various option of maps, heart rate monitor and speed/cadence units. Overall, this is the best bike-specific GPS unit we've used. It's robust, with logical menus, and its touch screen is both easy and fun to use.  Verdict: Touch screen and OS maps make this our GPS choice 9/10

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