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Genuine Innovations Airstream Telescopic Pump - SALE

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The Innovations Airstream Telescopic Pump is the handy and compact pump that can fit in your bag for when you are off and about on your bike. This fast inflater has a reversible head for Schraeder or Presta valves so you can help out your friends if they happen to get a flat one. At only 205mm, the hand held pump you'd think it wouldn't have much power but this pump can get to 60psi no problem. 

The pump has been made with a tough composite barrel so it doesn't get dinted or scratched when it is in the bottom of your bag and it also has an ergonomic t-handle for easy pumping. The small and mighty pump is the perfect thing to have in your bag for wherever you go on you bike because you never know when you'll get a flat tyre.

Innovations Airstream Telescopic Pump Features

  • Length: 205mm
  • Frame bracket with Velcro strap
  • Rated to 60 psi
  • Tough Telescopic composite barrel
  • Ergonomic T-handle
  • Reversible head for Schraeder or Presta valves

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