Cube Agree GTC SL Compact Racing Road Bikes 2014

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The Cube Agree GTC SL Compact Racing Road Bike 2014 is a no fuss bike that’s ready to race with no unnecessary parts.

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The Cube Agree GTC SL Compact Racing Road Bike 2014 is a no fuss bike that’s ready to race with no unnecessary parts. Featuring a Syntace cockpit, fast wheels and a complete Shimano Ultegra groupset these are the perfect components that make this fast machine ride like a dream. This Cube Agree road bike also has the capabilities to upgrade to electronic shifting so you can take it to a new level easily.

This Cube road bike offers maximum stiffness, precise steering and the best strength to weight ratio thanks to the oversized carbon tubes on the main frame and a full carbon fork. The whole look of the Cube Agree is finished off with hybrid cable routing to give a sleek and tidy look.

Cube Agree GTC SL Compact Racing Road Bike 2014

  • Twin Mold technology allows perfect control of the wall thickness and the amount of resin, especially on highly stressed areas of the frame
  • Oversized carbon tubes for the main frame and the chainstays deliver maximum stiffness and the best strength to weight ratio
  • Tapered steerer tube offers optimum stiffness and better distribution of forces
  • Hybrid Cable Routing gives a clean look and great functionality
  • Mechanical or electronic transmission components can be mounted without compromises
  • DT Swiss RA 2.0 straight pull wheelset with Schwalbe’s One kevlar tyres which are lightweight and stiff for fast acceleration
  • Complete Shimano Ultegra group is available in a standard double or compact version

The Shimano Di2 Advantage

This road bike from Cube is compatible for Shimano Di2 Electronic shifting so if you want even better shifting then make the upgrade to the revolutionary option. Di2 takes the already superior Shimano shifting performance to a whole new level that has never seen before; increased accuracy, smoothness and reliability of electronic shifting makes gear changes faster and virtually eliminates missed shifts.

FrameGTC, Monocoque, Advanced Twin Mold Technology
ForkCUBE CSL Race Carbon, Tapered
Headset FSA Orbit I-t integrated, top 1 1/8", bottom 1 1/2
StemSyntace F149, 31.8mm
HandlebarsSyntace Racelite 2014 CDR
Grips/Bar TapeCUBE Grip Control
SeatpostCUBE Performance Motion Post, 27.2mm
SaddleSelle Italia X1 Road
PedalsThis road bike does not come with any bike pedals. Check out our range online for 10% off!
Front BrakeShimano Ultegra BR-6800
Rear BrakeShimano Ultegra BR-6800
Brake LeversShimano Ultegra ST-6800
Front DerailleurShimano Ultegra FD-6800BL, Clamp 34.9mm
Rear DerailleurShimano Ultegra RD-6800SS, 2x11-Speed
ShiftersShimano Ultegra ST-6800
CassetteNot Specified
ChainNot Specified
Chainrings 50x34T
ChainsetShimano Ultegra FC-6800, Hollowtech II, 50x34T, 170mm (50/53cm), 172,5mm (56/58/60cm), 175mm (62/64cm), PressFit SM-BB71-41
CranksNot Specified
Front HubHub specified in Wheelset
Rear HubNot Specified
RimsDT Swiss CSW RA 2.0
Front TyreSchwalbe One, Kevlar, 23x622
Rear TyreSchwalbe One, Kevlar, 23x622
Inner TubesNot Specified
Bottom BracketNot Specified
ExtrasNot Specified

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Professional reviews

Professional Review for Cube Agree GTC SL Compact Racing Road Bikes 2014

Cube's Agree GTC has been a high value all-round stalwart for several years and for 2014 its cheaper and better equipped. The Agree GTC SL Frame has evolved over time and is now a really well-proven piece of composite engineering. Actually to be precise its two pieces, as Cube uses a twin mould technology to make sure each half of the main frame laid up as accurately as possible and that all heavy resin is squeezed out of the structure during manufacture. Its totally up-to-date terms of features too, including Cubes own brand full carbon tapered fork that uses a tapered steerer from 1 1/2in at the bottom to 1 1/8inat the top, to give crisp and accurate steering.

At the rear of the bike, the tapered seatstays become flat in the centre and contribute to the comfort of the rear end. The bottom bracket is a press-fit style that can take any axle size. Gear and brake cabling is internal and different covers on the cable ports tucked aerodynamically into the spine of the down-tube can be configured for either electrical or mechanical shifting.

The kit that comes with this Cube is undoubtedly a big draw. A complete Shimano Ultegra 6800 transmission would be enough of a coup on its own but you also get Utegras's excellent, powerful, feedback-rich, symmetrical dual-pivot brakes. They need treating with care at first, but the extra power and control are great to have once you're used to them, and trustworthy tyres let you take a bit more liberty with late breaking and entry speeds. The straight-pull-spoked DT Swiss Wheels feel good and look even better, while the Schwalbe Ones are some of the best performance tyres around, underlining the ride with a very smooth, clean-rolling feel on smoother surfaces.

German lightweight performance specialist Syntace provides the crisply detailed, distinctively back-swept bar and stem, and Cube's seatpost is a Syntace copy too. Even the bolted seat clamp and the two-tone bar tape on the compact-bend bar looks super-clean and suggests a much more expensive price tag. Top kit also takes complete bike weight below the 8kg mark, and the Agree's low weight and compact nature is noticeable straight away.

The backward sweep top section of the Syntace bar looks weird, but the way the shape puts the bar under the heel of your palm is really comfortable for relaxed riding. While the lower front end might make it less suitable to stiff-backed riders, it does drop weight lower over the front wheel, and with an accurate feeling fork, relatively slack 72-degree head-tube and the excellent Schwalbe tyres, its a very reassuring bike to push through corners and to tackle descents on.

Its certainly no barge, though, because the short wheelbase keeps it snappy when it comes to changing lines-though not quite up to the standard of the top of the range Litening and the DT Swiss wheels are usefully sharp and responsive if you're chopping around trying to avoid potholes and the like.

The low overall weight and smaller jumps between gear ratios on the 11-speed cassette make it easy to sustain a smooth cadence on rolling terrain, and its no slouch on the climbs or kicking out of corners either. Its firm and light frameset gives it an enthusiastic ride character.

Highs-Good valve, light and agile frame


Lows-Low Slung, relatively firm frame

7/23/2014 2:22:42 PM | Cycling Plus

Professional Review for Cube Agree GTC SL Compact Racing Road Bikes 2014

The Cube Agree GTC SL combines a competitively priced package of carbon chassis and a full complement of Shimano Ultegra components with a stable if undemanding performance that at £1899 represents good value for money. 

This is a bike that requires no immediate upgrades, and while the opportunity to improve performance with lighter wheels is one from which almost any machine will benefit, it is far from an immediate necessity here. Having tested the bike, we found the seating arrangement uncomfortable, despite the inclusion of a carbon seatpost, and would seek to make changes. Contact points are notoriously matters of personal preference, however, and this may only be a personal view.

Cube Agree GTC SL, pic: Timothy John, ©Factory Media

The Cube Agree GTC SL offers excellent value for money and a ride that is stable but not sluggish

The Agree GTC SL offers a predictable, rather than incendiary ride; the sort of quietly impressive performance one might expect from a  bike we weighed at 7.87kg and which is dressed in Shimano’s second-from-top mechanical groupset. It performed all aspects of the ride without complaint: cornering with confidence, cantering along flat roads, and proving a willing accomplice on climbs. It remained stable on descents, too, and responded eagerly to out-of-the-saddle efforts on flat roads.

The chassis

The carbon frameset and carbon-bladed fork offered a degree of comfort absent from some harsher composite frames of our acquaintance, and allowed us to cover the miles in relative comfort. The proportions of the Agree GTC SL’s semi-compact geometry suited us well, and delivered a well-mannered ride from which nasty surprises were pleasingly absent, and where many of the implicit promises of the geometry chart were fulfilled.

The top-tube of the Agree GTC SL was shorter than some more race-oriented bikes we've tested and delivered a less-demanding riding position

The top-tube of the Agree GTC SL was shorter than some on more race-oriented bikes we’ve tested and created a less demanding riding position

All of the design features by which a contemporary carbon frame can be instantly recognised were present and correct and performed as advertised. The bulky, if not gigantic bottom bracket shell delivered sufficient stiffness under load, notably on climbs where the very short 406mm chainstays played their part in effectively converting our efforts to forward motion. The other pieces in the ‘stiffness’ jigsaw – an oversized headtube offering sufficient real estate for a union with a similarly oversized downtube – also made their presence known in a ride that was taut but not jarring.

The components

We’re far from alone in our admiration of Shimano’s long-established Ultegra offering, and this latest incarnation, the 6800, raises the standards set by its forebears. The compact chainset with its 50-34 chainrings proved easy to turn even on double digit gradients and will offer much in the way of support to the newcomer – perhaps the Agree GTC SL’s intended audience – when the road points skywards.

Cube Agree GTC SL, Shimano ST-6800 dual control lever, pic: Timothy John, ©Factory Media

A full deployment of Shimano’s Ultegra 6800 groupset makes the Cube Agree GTC SL excellent value at £1,899

The hoods of the 6800 levers felt slim and comfortable in the hands, as did the sculpted lever. The four-arm chainset follows the aesthetic standard established by its Dura-Ace senior sibling and as such is a thing of beauty. It proved suitably stiff, too. Finally, the dual pivot brakes delivered more than adequate stopping power on the almost universally wet roads that characterised our test period. In short, Ultegra provides a standard of performance likely to exceed the needs of most ordinary riders (this correspondent included) and its full deployment on a bike of this value is to be welcomed.

The wheels – aluminium clinchers made by DT Swiss for Cube (“Cube Wheel System”) – are perhaps more accurately described as  functional than outstanding. The tyres are badged as Schwalbe One, but are also special editions made for Cube and lacked the softness and suppleness we’ve come to expect from the after-market incarnation.

The swept-back tops of the Syntace handlebars offered no advantage that we could find, unless you’re seeking a bar on which it’s easy to bang your knees. That said, they’re an improvement on the multi-profiled offerings from Easton that have featured on previously-tested bikes from Cube. The two-tone handlebar tape we felt was a nice finishing touch.

The ride

Riders seeking a machine that offers stability without feeling sluggish will find much to like in the Cube Agree GTC SL. It failed to ignite the road in the manner of more race-oriented (and expensive) machinery through the gates of RCUK Towers (the recently-tested Lapierre Xelius EFI 600, for example) but it offered dependable companionship and a ‘we’ll see this through together’ persona absent from flightier steeds.

We’d suggest that by imbuing a bike of this price with such characteristics, Cube have got it right. Most (by no means all) experienced riders will seek a machine that challenges them a little, and by the time you’ve reached such a position, you’ll perhaps be ready to invest a greater sum than that required to own the Agree GTC SL. Those who have passed the ‘toe in the water’ stage, but have yet to take the final plunge, in sporting and financial terms, are perhaps those the German brand had in mind when sketching out this well-equipped but undemanding machine.

Cube Agree GTC SL, 27.2mm seatpost, pic: Timothy John, ©Factory Media

We didn’t find the seating arrangements, comprised of Cube’s carbon Syntace P6 Hi flex post and Selle Italia X1 road saddle comfortable, but this may only be a personal response

Our acquaintance has been formed solely beneath the grey skies of winter and on the unforgiving road conditions routinely delivered by the season. The Agree GTC SL’s patient approach suited the business of building base miles well: a characteristic that we suspect will transfer easily to the summer season when the long miles of the endurance event replace those of winter training. The pot hole-ravaged and debris-strewn highways of winter provided an adequate test of its ability to take the rough with the smooth, and we’re pleased to say the Agree GTC SL passed with flying colours. The seating arrangements, comprised of Cube’s carbon Syntace P6 Hi flex seatpost and Selle Italia X1 road saddle, didn’t suit us, but this may only be a personal response, however.

We tucked behind the handlebars on the steepest descents of our local loops early in our acquaintance and found our confidence rewarded with stability even at high speeds. It was reliable in corners too, despite the routinely wet surfaces we encountered. Our most enjoyable moments in the Agree GTC SL’s company, however, occurred on flat, straight roads, where we shifted down the block, pressed harder on the pedals and discovered a willingness belied by its unassuming response to less intense effort.


The Cube Agree GTC SL is a well-spec-ed, good value package likely to suit riders with a growing love for cycling and ready to take their next step on a ladder begun with an entry-level bike. The full Shimano Ultegra groupset doesn’t look out of place on machines costing significantly more, and with an inevitable – though not immediately necessary – wheel upgrade, you’d have a machine able to tackle any duty with confidence.

The changes we’d make from the box would be minor: saddle and seatpost, a conventionally-shaped handlebar, and tyres. We’d also advise riders seeking a lively and engaging ride to continue their search. If sure-footed stability combined with eagerness when demanded are more in your line, the Cube Agree GTC SL might be for you.



2/27/2014 11:07:16 AM | Road Cycling UK

Professional Review for Cube Agree GTC SL Compact Racing Road Bikes 2014

"Hard to beat on value, and stable handling, but sluggish compared to the original GTC"

Cube’s Agree has always been one of our favourites. Combining a classy chassis with great-value kit is a difficult trick in itself, but package in sharp, racy handling and you’ve got a surefire winner.

Frame & equipment: Classy from chassis to components

For 2012/13, Cube took the Agree back to the drawing board, redesigning the frame to shave weight and make all the cabling internal (and dual-fit for electronic drivetrains). 

The fork has also changed, from the original straight-bladed Easton unit to one of Cube’s own design. It’s now all carbon and significantly lighter, but they’ve added a little rake and increased the offset. That’s made the Agree a significantly different bike.

The component spec impresses in the usual Cube way –Shimano Ultegra is complemented by classy DT CSW RA1.0 wheels. These have light rims combined with CNC machined hubs and dedicated straight-pull spokes. The quality hubs are smooth, and the wheels feel supple over the rough tarmac of the UK’s winter-worn roads. 

We could induce a bit of brake rub out of the rear when putting down the power, but a quick tune with a spoke wrench cured that. We do like that Cube haven’t compromised on the tyre front, fitting custom Schwalbe Ultremo ZXs to add some fast-rolling, super-grippy class to proceedings.

The cockpit and seatpost all come from Easton’s mid-price EA30 range. We love the aero, wing-shaped bar, with its comfortable profile and short and shallow drop. The stem and post are a little more workmanlike but won’t let you down. The post is topped with Selle Italia’s X1 saddle; it’s deeply padded, long and narrow, and suited our tester’s posterior absolutely fine.

Ride & handling: Fast but stable

The Agree’s ride is comfortable, the frame, wheels and saddle all contributing to a smooth ride. Up front, the longer fork smoothes out rough road surfaces, but the longer length and rake have changed the bike ’ s character. 

The wheelbase is now effectively longer, and the steering feels far more sedate. The benefit of this is that you get a very stable bike while retaining a long, low race position. On the flat you can hunker down and power on the pedals – holding mid 20mph speeds is easy on board the GTC. 

Things get a bit more challenging when the road starts to twist and turn, especially downhill. Long, flowing curves are the Agree’s perfect hunting ground where its inherent stability is ideally suited. On much tighter bends the Agree feels a little sluggish, and we often felt it understeered.

Climbing is best done in the saddle, as the longer wheelbase is suited to seated efforts and the 50/34, 12-28T gearing certainly suits. You can get out of the saddle and attack but that style doesn’t suit the more languid front end.

The Agree GTC SL is still a brilliant value, classy carbon road bike. Its big brother the Litening is one of the finest handling road bikes around, and the Agree used to be like a Boxster to its 911. Now, though, it’s more fast estate car than lightweight sports machine.

Verdict: 3.5/5

1/30/2014 4:32:12 PM | BikeRadar

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