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Lezyne Hecto Drive LED Bike Light Set

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The Lezyne Hecto Drive LED Light Set is ideal for commuters that need extra safety light on their daily commute, road or mountain ride; this serious package has everything that you need to be safe and seen when out riding. The front light has a high output white LED light to light your way and the red LED rear bike light is mounted in custom Uniform Power Beam "MOR" lens for increased output efficiency on the rear. The lights also feature a frosted lens edge and "cut" Alloy body design which improves side visibility.

Both of the lights have five different modes which include: Economy and Blast solid modes and three flash modes to custom your lighting experience and also help to save on battery where you can. Both of the compact Lezyne bike lights are lightweight and easily mounted on to your bike with brackets and straps and they feature a RGB intelligent Power Indicator button acting as fuel gauge and charging indicator so you’ll never be caught out in the dark. The Lezyne Hecto Drive LED Light Set uses a highly durable machined alloy body with composite back cap which removes to show integrated USB stick charge (no cables required) and comes with a built in high quality Lithium Ion battery.

Lezyne Hecto Drive LED Light Set Features

  • Commute / Road / MTB rechargable lightset.
  • HECTO DRIVE SET is a serious every day and night safety light with enough front output to cover as a "get you home" light.
  • Hecto's selling point is incredible value for a serious light package bringing added safety to every cyclist.
  • High output white LED is mounted in custom Uniform Power Beam "MOR" lens for increased output efficiency.
  • Frosted lens edge and "cut" Alloy body design improve side visibility.
  • Compact size (30mm x 70mm).
  • Lightweight (137g per set with brackets and straps).
  • RGB Intellgent Power Indicator button acts as fuel gauge and charging indicator.
  • Highly durable machined alloy body with composite back cap which removes to show integrated USB stick charge (no cables required).
  • Built in high quality Lithium Ion battery (LIR123A).
  • Waterproof (FL1 standard).
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Click-fit composite universal handlebar and seat post brackets with durable patented rubber straps.
  • Helmet mount accessory available seperately.
  • Five modes: Economy and Blast solid modes, Three flash modes.
  • Front Output rating: Economy 50lm; Blast 100lm; Flash modes 50lm.
  • Rear Output rating: Economy 7lm; Blast 15lm; Flash modes 15lm.
  • Burn times Front: 2hrs30min - 10hr depending on mode.
  • Burn times Rear: 5hrs 45min - 12hr 30min depending on mode.

About Lezyne LED Lights

Since 2 years, Lezyne keeps developing LED lights and again set new standards in design and function. A team of 9 in-house product designers and engineers are working under the lead of Micki Kozuschek. All Lezyne LED’s are tested in Lezyne’s own integrating sphere, an instrument used to measure the lumen output. All Lezyne LED lights are offering the claimed lumen. Lezyne also developed their own lenses. More information about LED technology you will find under the tab “support”.

Customer reviews

Professional reviews

Light, relatively bright, and easy to use but easily cross-threaded end caps let them down.

The Lezyne Hecto Drive front and rear light pair are light and relatively bright strap-on USB charged LED lights.

This test didn't start particularly well. After unscrewing the plastic end caps to uncover the USB plugs and charging the lights in a laptop USB port we found them fiddly to refit without getting them cross-threaded. It's not a big deal but we had the same issue almost every time we recharged: patience is needed to ensure accurate threading.

Apart from that, we liked almost everything else about the function, the weight and the small size of the Hecto Drives and we'd say they're reasonably well priced for a pair of aluminium bodied lights.

The front light claims 100 lumens at full brightness, the rear 15 lumens. Both offer full and economy constant light modes plus two flash modes and a pulse mode. We were getting just under the claimed 150 minutes from the front light on full beam.

Lezyne claims 5 hours run time for the 50 lumen half beam and 10 hours for the flash and pulse modes. The rear light managed just under 5 hours spread over a few rides before it needed a recharge, but the economy modes should give you about 12 hours between charges.

Inevitably, as with all rechargeable lithium-ion light units, we were flicking between modes in different road conditions and charging up long before they ran out.

The soft top button is simple to use with gloves and as with most lights like this you press it once to go between modes and press it for longer to turn the light on or off. The button also lights up green or progressively into red to show how much charge is left: flashing red means it's close to empty.

The lights sit in tightly fitting front and rear specific cradles with tough stretchy straps for fitting to different sized handlebars and seat posts. The straps are easy to use and very secure. The rear light cradle is angled properly for most seat posts but the front one can't be swivelled from side to side so you'll need to fit it on the flat central part of the handlebar, which is pretty normal anyway.

Charging is easy. The flashing green light in the button becomes a constant green light when fully charged: this can takes up to four hours from empty but frequent recharges are quick and easy from any powered USB port.

Most riders find that a 100 lumen front and 15 lumen rear light give out about the right amount of light for casual urban use but 100 lumens is not really up to picking out the finer detail of road surfaces when riding at speed on rough, dark rural roads. The beam simply doesn't give a big enough spread.

Still, for the price these aren't bad. They remained damp proof through the test period and our only real gripe was the cross-threading issue with the end caps.

Light, relatively bright, and easy to use but easily cross-threaded end caps let them down.

Verdict: 2.5/5

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