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Garmin Edge 810 Trail Bundle GPS

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What is the Garmin Edge 810 Trail Bundle?

Garmin know different cyclists want different things. From this they have created some great bundle deals for you to get exactly what you want out of your Garmin Edge 810. The Edge 810 Trail Bundle offers a few added extra’s to the classic 810 including microSD and a discoverer maps bundle so you can navigate around all of GB's national parks.

Purpose-Built Bike Computer

There's no better bike computer to guide your ride. The Garmin Edge 810 is rugged, waterproof and has a 17-hour battery life. The touchscreen is easy to operate, even with a gloved finger and when wet. Mounting options include a new out-front mount for heads-up positioning and a standard quarter-turn mount.

All from the road

For the first time, cyclists can monitor for themselves and share in real time where they’ve been, where they are going, and how they are performing, with accuracy, durability and endurance.

The new Edge® 810 is the complete touchscreen GPS bike computer, with maps, navigation, and advanced performance monitoring that offers connected features through your smartphone. This dedicated device gives you a dynamic ride experience, allowing you to connect with the social world and share and receive rides, courses, and workouts, all from the road.

Connected features include instant uploads to Garmin Connect™, LiveTrack for safety, social network sharing and weather. The 810 also lets you create activity profiles, allowing you to easily configure data fields, routing preferences, and device settings based on cycling activity. Compatible with heart rate, speed/cadence and power. Compatible with Android™ or Apple i-Phones from the i-Phone 4 onwards.

This is your Edge 810

The touch screen Edge 810 is designed for the cyclist who wants it all — navigation and advanced training capabilities in one device. The new Edge 810 offers connected features through your smartphone, including live tracking, social media sharing and weather.

The 810 Edge is compatible with optional detailed street or Ordnance Survey® maps, so it can guide your ride for touring, commuting or extended activities where you might need onboard maps and navigation. Plus, because it's GPS-enabled this Garmin Edge 810 provides accurate data and navigation capabilities, anywhere in the world.

Track Every Detail

In addition to the mapping capabilities the Garmin Edge 810 records your distance, speed metrics, ascent/descent, grade and more. It's also compatible with ANT+™ sensors that measure your heart rate², speed/cadence² and power³. The activity profiles feature allows you to customise data fields and device settings based on cycling activity, such as road, mountain or touring. Switch profiles with a simple swipe of the touchscreen and your device will be set up to show the data you need for that ride.

Get Connected

Edge 810 offers a suite of connected features when paired with your smartphone (Apple® or Android™) and the Garmin Connect Mobile app. This allows you to gain comprehensive, accurate ride data from a dedicated device, while saving your phone battery. The Garmin Edge tracks the data and sends it to your phone using a Bluetooth® connection. Stay connected and share all the details of your ride with friends, family and your social media contacts. You can post an update immediately after your ride or race with details from your completed activity. You'll create your posts via your smartphone, and the ride data's already there, thanks to the interface with Garmin Connect Mobile.

Live Tracking

The live tracking feature allows your friends and family to follow your races and training activities in real time. Invite followers using email or social media, so they can view your live data on a Garmin Connect tracking page. Once they get your email invite, they can click to follow and see your stats and location on the map.


Get real-time weather conditions, forecasts and alerts directly on the Edge 810 when it's paired with your smartphone and the Garmin Connect Mobile app. This feature is useful for extended rides, and it lets you keep your smartphone safe and dry, while the weather data you need is at your fingertips.

Wireless Data Transfers

Now you can instantly store, share and analyse every detail of your ride. The Garmin Connect Mobile app allows for wireless uploads of completed activities from your device as soon as you finish recording an activity. You choose whether activities are automatically or manually uploaded. Once your ride has posted to Garmin Connect, your own "connections" can view them.

You can also search your courses and workouts stored at Garmin Connect, download to your smartphone, then send directly to your Edge 810 — wirelessly. You can then navigate to the start of the course and use the Virtual Partner® feature on your Edge to race your previous activities in real time.

Garmin Edge 810 upgrades from Edge 800

Weather, when you need it: Get real-time weather conditions, forecasts and alerts (in areas with coverage) directly on the Edge 510 and 8102. Activity profiles: Customise data fields and device settings based on cycling activity, such as road, mountain or touring. Allows you to switch profiles with a tap of the screen, so you can get on with your ride quicker. Better your best: When you complete a ride, Edge 510 and 810 display any new personal records you achieved during that ride. PRs include farthest distance, most ascent gained, fastest 40k and best 20-minute power average.

Garmin Edge 810 Features

  • Distance: GPS-based for accuracy; works anywhere in the world 
  • Speed: current, average, last lap and more 
  • Elevation: ascent/descent, grade and more 
  • Power: with optional ANT+™ enabled power meter 
  • Maps: Edge 810 has a built-in discoverer maps
  • Speed/cadence: Sold separately 
  • Heart rate: Sold separately 

Garmin Edge 810 Technical Information

  • Unit dimensions, WxHxD: 2.0" x 3.7" x 1.0" (5.1 x 9.3 x 2.5 cm)
  • Display size, WxH: 1.4" x 2.2" (3.6 x 5.5 cm); 2.6" diag (6.6 cm) 
  • Display resolution, WxH: 160 x 240 pixels, touchscreen 
  • Touchscreen: yes 
  • Weight: 3.5 oz (98.0 g) 
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion 
  • Battery life: up to 17 hours 
  • Water resistant: yes (IPX7) 
  • GPS-enabled: yes 
  • High-sensitivity receiver: yes

Maps and Memory

  • Basemap: yes 
  • Ability to add maps: yes 
  • Accepts data cards: microSD™ card (some versions include a City Navigator microSD card) 
  • History: up to 180 hours 
  • Waypoints/favorites/locations: 200 Routes: Limited by memory space available

Garmin GB Discoverer Maps - Included

Explore Great Britain's national parks with detailed topographic maps and road maps on a convenient microSD/SD card. Garmin GB Discoverer National Parks contains topographic maps from Ordnance Survey at 1:50,000 scale throughout all the National Parks in Great Britain, plus NAVTEQ road data and points of interest for all of Great Britain, providing turn-by-turn directions anywhere in the country.

GB Discoverer's detailed topographic data includes terrain contours, topo elevations, summits, paths, routable roads and geographical points. The premium NAVTEQ road data is the same detailed data included in our leading automotive products — with thousands of addresses and points of interest, including lodging, food and drink, car parks, banks, petrol stations, attractions, campsites, and more. Search for an address or point of interest, and your Garmin device displays turn-by-turn directions to your destination.

What’s in the box with the Edge 810 Trail Bundle

  • Edge 810 
  • Bike mount
  • Discoverer Maps (upgrade from the classic 810)
  • USB cable 
  • Manual

Garmin Edge 810 Bundles

Garmin know different cyclists want different things. From this they have created some great bundle deals for you to get exactly what you want out of your Garmin Edge 810. Check out the table below for comparison's and simply click the bundle names to take a closer look!















Edge 810 Classic Head unit only NO NO NO NO YES 379.99
Edge 810 Trail Standard bike mount included NO NO YES YES - 
YES 429.99
Edge 810 Performance Standard & Out front bike mount included YES YES NO NO YES 429.99
Edge 810 Road Performance Standard & Out front bike mount included YES YES YES YES -
City Navigator
NT Europe
YES 479.99
Edge 810 Enduro Standard & Out front bike mount included YES YES YES YES - 
YES 479.99
Edge 810 Ultimate Performance Standard & Out front bike mount included YES YES YES YES -  
NT Europe
YES 514.99

Why Garmin?

Garmin was the first to bring GPS to the cycling computer market — the first to let cyclists put their ride on the map and record detailed metrics with the accuracy only GPS can deliver. Garmin’s product line has continued to evolve to bring you the features you crave and the quality you and your bike deserve.

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Rated only upon first impression, to soon for a accurate assessment, but quality, looks, ancillaries and web-based product support all as expected from a high end brand.




A superb little GPS and the inclusion of full OS mapping for the whole of the UK is brilliant. Never get lost again when off road, and via the Garmin Connect service, share your ride stats quickly and easily with others.


Professional reviews

The Garmin Edge 810 does enough to justify its place at the very top of the bike GPS pile. If you want a navigation-enabled, fully waterproof, mapping GPS computer that you can stick on your bars then it's pretty much the best of the bunch.

That being said, the extra features of the 810 over the previous model, the 800, feel a bit like they've been rushed, and Garmin haven't really addressed some of the issues that the 800 had, either. As such, the older, cheaper 800 will still be a better bet for anyone who doesn't need the connectivity of the new model, and we can't help feeling that new models with significantly better screens – and low-power Bluetooth – can't be far away.

From a distance you'd be hard pressed to tell the 800 and 810 apart: it uses the same case, and features the same 160x240 pixel LCD touchscreen. Anyone who's used to watching HD films on their OLED mobile phone screen might be put off by the low resolution, but it's for a reason. LCD uses much less power than OLED, and is viewable without a backlight, meaning that the battery life is much improved. Garmin claim 17 hours maximum for the 810; more on that later. The resistive screen also means that you can swipe and press wearing gloves, which isn't possible with capacitive screens unless your gloves have a conductive fabric insert.

All in all, with the unit and the web services on offer, the Edge 810 is a pretty compelling package, but it's far from perfect. What's really good is having a unit with usable mapping, with a good battery life, that's always on and accessible. Using your phone to log your riding is simplicity itself, but using it to navigate is a stop-start process that often involves digging in pockets and removing gloves. The 810 is much, much better for that. It's great for training, too: you can use it indoors or out, and you can set yourself a proper, calendared training schedule with complex intervals based on whatever metrics you're measuring.

And what's not so good? Well, the Bluetooth – both in the use of a 2.1 chipset and the fairly basic phone app – feels rushed, and the power hungry Bluetooth chip significantly affects battery life. The screen is okay but is in need of an overhaul, and the routing needs to work more consistently and be simpler to set up. The Ordnance Survey maps make a big difference, especially off-road; the base maps are okay but far from ideal.

If you're in the market for a mapping GPS and you've decided that it's an out-front unit you want, rather than relying on your phone, then the 810 succeeds the 800 as the best of the bunch. But with its limitations we can't help feeling it won't be top of the pile for long.




It's been surprisingly easy to knock up 100miles with the 810 and it's already become a regular fixture on my bike.

I'm one of those people who doesn't see the need to have mapping on a ride despite this the 810 has won me over and I do now use the maps. With a bigger screen, than the 500, you can get the info.

Larger or have more of it, the touch screen works well even with most gloves. 

Verdict: I'm still figuring out the finer details but its quiet self explanatory so works well with a ?no manual' approach. My only gripe is with the visibility when the backlight isn't on the shiny surface acts like a mirror making it hard to read from some angles.

Cycling Weekly

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