Cycling to work has dramatically grown in popularity over the last few years. It’s a great way to cut petrol costs, ease congestion frustrations and keep fit. Now, thanks to the Government’s cycle to work scheme you can purchase your new bike from Leisure Lakes Bikes completely tax FREE!

Cycle to Work Scheme

This fantastic Government initiative allows you to ride to work without the big price tag! By ordering your bike tax FREE through the Cycle to Work scheme you can save up to 42% off the RRP of your next bike.

What’s Included in the Cycle to Work Scheme?

Included in the Cycle to Work scheme are any adult bikes (max. 2), helmets, safety equipment and accessories with the sum value of £1000.

For example you could order:
1 x bike worth £750
1 x helmet worth £50
accessories worth £200

Spread the cost of your new bike, helmet, safety equipment and accessories and pay instalments taken directly from your wage. The payments are taken out of your gross wage before tax and National Insurance payments are taken. At the end of the time period you can choose whether you want to buy your bike or to continue to use it while you work for the company. If you decide to purchase it the balance you owe will be based on a percentage of how much the bike was worth to begin with. You can find information about how this is determined here.

Please note, if you wish to repeat the scheme with a different bike any items ordered through your existing Cycle to Work scheme must be bought and paid for first.

For more detailed information about Cycle to Work check out the Government guidelines or visit the Government’s Cycle to Work website.

Benefits to the Employer

To take advantage of this fantastic scheme and allow you to bike to work tax FREE, your employer must first sign up to take part. Your employer can benefit from the scheme in many ways:

  • A healthier and happier work force
  • Better for the environment
  • NI savings
  • Eases parking and congestion problems
  • Enhances employee benefits package

How does Cycle to Work scheme work?

1) Your employer must first sign up
2) Browse our website for your bike and check the costs with our online calculator.
3) Pop into your local Leisure Lakes Bikes store or call our mail order team on 0800 083 0888 and tell us which bike you wish to order on the scheme.
4) Our staff will then fill out the application form. 
5) You will be sent the hire agreement document for you to sign and fax back to us.
6) We will then forward this on to your employer who will validate your application.
7) At the end of this process you will receive confirmation that you can collect your bike or we will call you to arrange delivery at a time that's convenient to you.

So why not check out our fantastic range of road bikes, commuter bikes and mountain bikes and take the first step toward a healthier, greener lifestyle. We also stock a fantastic range of helmets and accessories so you can get all the kit you need to go along with your new bike and make the daily commute a breeze!

We Accept All Major Cycle To Work Providers

We (Leisure Lakes Bikes) work with the leading providers of tax-free bikes.

Tax-free bikes for work are normally obtained through providers and Leisure Lakes Bikes are happy to offer our range of bikes and accessories through most majour providers, please contact us to confirm the provider you wish to use.

These providers help by arranging a salary sacrifice between you and your employer so that savings are made by paying lower amounts of income tax and National Insurance. Savings for cyclists will commonly be up to 32% or 42% depending on the rate of tax you pay.

Check with your employer if they have a provider then visit us instore to fill in a quote to get the process under-way. We have a huge range of products so we ask that you place a deposit*, then you can come and collect your bike as soon as you are sent your voucher.

*Any bike can be reserved for a deposit of £50. All deposits are refundable on collection. Deposits will even be refunded even if you notify us that you don’t wish to collect your bike for any reason.

Not Signed Up Yet?

If your employer has not signed up for Cycle to Work why not let Leisure Lakes Bikes set up and run a scheme for you. Just let us have your contact details and we’ll call to discuss OR visit our simple online registration form and sign up now >